SAS Zombie Assault Wiki
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Zombdroid Servant -
First Appearance: Rank 7 (normal)
44 (savage)
Zombie Type: Minor Boss
Base HP: 1750, 18000
Turn Rate: 360°/sec
Melee Damage: 350, 2,700
Melee Delay: 0.8, 0.75 sec
Melee Range: 1.2m
Movement Speed: 2.4, 2.5 m/s
XP Value: 50, 100 XP
Additional Stats
Elite mutation does not exist.
(Can receive Nightmarish on mobile version's Nightmare Mode)
"Zombdroids are artificially intelligent robots with human skin that have become infected. They are believed to have enabled the virus to cross from organic matter into digital form, whereby Combot was infected."
―Official Description

Zombdroid Servants are servant droids turned into killers by a digital strain of the Thera Virus, introduced in in SAS: Zombie Assault 4.

Some Zombdroid Servants are known to be infected servants of the VIP (in the VIP mission) of SAS 4. All Servants have relatively high health and can do a large amount of damage with their swipes. Later on, when more and more Zombdroid Servants appear, Savage Zombdroid Servants may appear in the place of many regular Zombdroid Servants. They have several times more health than the regular Servant and their melee damage is much higher.

Like Zombdroid Soldiers, the Servants appear only in VIP and Power Out. Zombdroid Servants are considered weaker versions of Zombdroid Soldiers, rarer and deadlier droids, which have some resistances, more health and twin fully-automatic guns, enabling them to attack from afar.


  • Zombdroids are apparently very physically strong, as they deal a moderate amount of damage, and their Soldier counterparts carry a minigun in each hand. They are also much more resistant to flinch when being shot.
  • They appear to be left handed, as they punch you with their left hand/arm
  • Their left arm is much more bulky and longer than their right arm.

    This picture shows a dead Zombdroid Servant. As you can see, their left arms are more bulky and longer than their right arm.