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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
ZCS Seizure
Available at: Rank 45
Cost: $800,000
Ammo Cost: $25 per 250 rounds
Damage: 300 (Base)

375 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 2
3 with AP rounds
Rate of Fire: 30 rounds/sec
1800 rounds/min
Firing Mode: Fully Automatic
Weapon Class: Submachine Gun
Capacity: 120 (Base)

240 (w/ High Capacity)

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"The Zombie Combat Systems Seizure. 1800 RPM recoiless SMG. An almost pocket-sized baby brother of a Minigun."
―Elite IV Description

The ZCS Seizure is a submachine gun featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.


The ZCS Seizure is unlocked at Rank 45, and seems to be based off of the MP5-K. It costs $800,000, making it the second most expensive gun in the game (with the most expensive being the M134 Minigun at $1,500,000). This gun brings to the table menacing damage, a large ammo capacity, accuracy and a shockingly high rate of fire; 30 rounds per second (hence the name "Seizure")! It is an upgraded MAC-10 that beats every other submachine gun, assault rifle and machine gun in fire rate, including the premium M41-A Grendel and Browning M2! It thus totally obliterates the PP19 Bizon. Despite the large initial cost, the ammo is very cheap ($25 for 250 rounds) and the extreme fire rate makes it totally worth it. This is the last non-premium gun in the whole game.

Note: The 70 round magazine is a mistake. The true magazine is 120 rounds, and with the double magazine perk, 240. The mobile version, however, displays the correct mag size.