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Z-Arm Tech

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Manufactures Weapons
Design Pattern Realistic and Modern, in poor condition, and with duct tape
"Z-Armtech: A mainstream arms manufacturer from the 3rd millennium that specialized in their Z-series upgrade kits. Went out of business recently due to newer and more advanced weapons from competition companies, but many military departments still use Z-series weapons as their standard issue."
―Unofficial description

Z-Arm Tech is the first company you will encounter in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. According to its looks, it seems like a weapon industry from an analogue of Earth, but its gear is in poor condition, and as a result, having poor stats.

Z-Arm Tech created three weapons, all of which are starting guns for their respective classes. The Assault class gets the Z-1 Assault, an assault rifle, the Medic class gets the Z-2 LMP, a sub-machine gun, and the Heavy class gets the Z-5 Heavy, a light machine gun. The damage output of these guns are among the lowest in the game, and they are outclassed by almost any other weapon in the game.

The designs of Z-Arm Tech weapons resemble real modern weapons, though they are in bad condition, with notable scratches and what appears to be duct tape on them.

Z-Arm Tech weapons cannot be re-obtained and you only ever get the one for each character created. They also only sell for $0 (unless augmented with EACs to get the maximum of $4,000), but they are still pointless to keep as they take up an inventory slot. Moreover, they can't be augmented without EACs, which are extremely rare and are not recommended for use on Z-Arm weapons. It is best to replace these weapons as soon as you can unless you solely want to keep them for their legacy or for some other unusual reasons.


  • Z-Arm Tech weapons will not show in the collections tab, nor in the Top Records section - even if you've killed all zombies with a Z-Arm Tech weapon, it will not show any stats what-so-ever.
  • Z-Arm Tech is one of the only weapon manufacturers that haven't had any PREM weapons so far. Another manufacturer sharing this trait is HVM.
  • Z-Arm Tech makes 3 out of the 10 weapons with their names visualized on them, the other 7 being made by H.I.K.S.


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