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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Winchester 9410
Winchester 9410.png
Available at: Rank 11
Cost: $600
Ammo Cost: $75 per 25 rounds
Damage: 1040 (Base)

1300 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 7
Firing Mode: Lever-Action
Weapon Class: Shotgun
Capacity: 8 (Base)

16 (w/ High Capacity)

Winchester 9410 stats.png

The Winchester 9410 is a lever-action shotgun featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3 and is unlocked at Rank 11.


The Winchester is an extremely powerful shotgun that is commonly used in situations where the player (or entire team in multi-player) is swarmed. Its massive bullet spread can kill up to six zombies at once. It has decent mobility but a lengthy reload time. A decent fire rate makes it a good choice for almost any situation although the Winchester works much better in small areas such as the Karnivale map or the Airbase. Ammunition for this weapon costs $75 for 25 rounds. This shotgun doesn't compare well to the Stoeger. Apart from having a clip of 8, there are short delays between each shot, and the reload is much longer. Additionally, it deals less damage. Fine if you like having more ammo in a clip, but this is really not necessary.


Despite the weapon being extremely versatile, it is rarely used by players. This is mostly due to the fact that by the time it is unlocked at Rank 11 the player has a large arsenal of weapons that work much better than the Winchester.


  • It is based on the real-life Winchester Model Model 1894.
  • The Winchester is the oldest real-world gun in the game (originating from the late 1800's).