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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Wicker -
First Appearance: Rank 12, 23 for elite form
83, 200 for elite form
Zombie Type: Major Bosses
Base HP: 12,000
Turn Rate: 180°/sec
Melee Damage: 800
Melee Delay: 1.8 seconds
Melee Range: 1.8m
Ranged Attack Damage: 600 Thermalico.pngThermal
6,000 Thermalico.pngThermal
Ranged Attack Delay: 5 seconds
2.5 seconds
Resistances: 100% Thermalico.pngThermal
25% Energyico.pngEnergy
Savage form
100% Thermalico.pngThermal
20% Energyico.pngEnergy
Movement Speed: 2m
XP Value: 205
Additional Stats
  • 7.5m/sec ranged projectile speed
  • 10m/sec ranged projectile speed
"A terrifying immolated giant. Moves slowly, but can project balls of superheated gas that incinerate organic matter instantly. Highly heat resistant."
SAS 4 description

The Wicker is a powerful zombie in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It looks quite a bit like the Ruin from SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense, and resembles a Balrog from The Lord of the Rings, being black, on fire, and having horns, though it has legs, not tentacles. It throws fireballs that can burn players for a while. When killed, it explodes in a massive fireball in all directions with little gaps for dodging. Do note that when a Savage Wicker dies, its fireballs travel at a greater speed than that of the normal Wicker, requiring some skills to dodge.


It's best to stay far away from the Wicker to avoid its arms and to more easily dodge its fireballs. Hiding behind boxes or a car works too (if the car is not yet destroyed), as they provide a physical barrier between the player and Wicker (although this won't help if the Wicker is a Dark Minion), as these barriers can intercept the Wicker's fireballs (without catching fire) while allowing the player to shoot through them. When the Wicker dies, it will release a ring of fire that can be avoided by hiding behind a wall or box; the player can also slip through the narrow gaps between fireballs.

Wickers always fire their projectiles at the position you were at the moment it launched the attack, so it is strongly advised to either keep moving or keep your distance. Moving side to side or circling the Wicker is a great way to dodge the fireballs.


Normal and Savage on mobile

  • In the mobile version of SAS 4, the regular Wicker has the appearance of the Savage Wicker from the PC version. The Savage Wicker on mobile has a lava and more cracked appearance, although it looks vaguely similar to the regular Wicker from the PC version of SAS 4.
  • The PC version's Savage Wicker is much larger than its normal variant. The Savage version is almost as big as a Devastator.
  • Wickers resemble the Balrogs of Lord of the Rings.

The Wicker avatar.

  • There is an unlockable Ninja Kiwi profile avatar featuring a Savage Wicker. It is currently the highest-ranked avatar, being unlocked at level 50.
  • The Wicker has horns like an Apex Stalker so it could be an advanced form of it, or related to it.