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  1. Fail a mission
  2. Get incapacitated
  3. Have everyone die
  4. Run out of time
  5. Getting vaporized
  6. Walked into the wrong house (Big Smoke's)
  7. Hit and run by a rescue van
  8. Caught in the Boss Egg’s spikes
  9. Not babysitting the VIP
  10. Get targeted by faulty auto turrets
  11. Not performing the neighborhood watch
  12. Executed by a firing squad
  13. Letting zombies vandalize the party van
  14. Not saving the reactor, Chernobyl here we go again
  15. Gassed to death
  16. something that you shouldn’t
  18. Get killed by a zombie
  19. Getting cornered
  20. Getting bullied and cornered by zombies
  21. Flash mobbed
  22. Spawn killed
  23. Scratched by a Shambler
  24. Punched by a Stalker
  25. Smacked by a Runner
  26. Spat on by a Spitter
  27. Liquified in the Spitter’s acid puddle
  28. Chopped by a Bloater
  29. Knife fight with an Bloater as SAS Assault class
  30. Leeched by the Bloater’s worms
  31. Police brutality from a Shielder
  32. Getting fired by a Zombdroid
  33. Terminated by a Zombdroid Soldier
  34. Smothered by a Regurgitator
  35. Melted alive by the Regurgitator’s acid pool
  36. Penta-leeched by the Regurgitator’s puke worms
  37. Burnt by a Wicker
  38. Fried by a Wicker’s fireball
  39. Volcano’d by the dead Wicker
  40. Jammed by the Loader Bot
  41. Pushed by the Zombie Mech’s energy ring
  42. Filled with bullets from the Zombie Mech’s machine guns
  43. Blown up by Zombie Mech’s rockets
  44. Roasted by the Zombie Mech’s flamethrower
  45. Tickled to death by it’s targeting laser?
  46. Cornered, pushed, and bullied by a Zombie Mech
  47. Smashed by a Devastator
  48. Crushed by a Devastator’s ground slam
  49. Angering a Devastator
  50. Attempting to sumo wrestle a enraged Devastor as a Heavy class
  51. Attempting to outrun an enraged extra fast Devastator
  52. Shredded by a Necrosis’s swipe.
  53. Trying to dodge the Necrosis’s multi projectile attack
  54. Brassed knuckled by a Blade Spawn
  55. #Tele-kill 360’d by the Blade Spawn’s teleport
  56. Everyone clumped like penguins with a Savage Blade spawn onto top of them
  57. Scorched by a Fire Spawn
  58. Walking over the Fire Spawn’s fire trail
  59. Infected by the Toxic Spawn
  60. Liquidated by the Toxic Spawn
  61. Sitting in the Toxic Spawn’s acid puddle
  62. Betrayed by the HVM squad
  63. Sunburnt from exposure to fiery skin
  64. Go into shock from poisoned limbs
  65. Absorbing a Dark Minions black magic
  66. Swatted through a thin wall
  67. Covered in acid blood, lots
  68. Unrealistically being attacked while you’re BEHIND the zombie
  69. Having one idiot alive leave while everyone’s down
  70. Run out of revive tokens
  71. Become left for dead in Nightmare mode after everyone abandons you
  72. Debating whether it’s worth it to grab a nano box with an enraged extra fast Savage Devastator in front of it.
  73. Bringing a poorly augmented weapon to the fight
  74. Being a immobile anchor from equipping too much armor
  75. Attempting to outrun a swarm of extra fast runners wearing a complete Hard Plate armor set
  76. Using a one pierce pistol against a regen bloater swarm
  77. Out of ammo.
  78. A contract not worth signing
  79. Demoted for not protecting bundles of metal
  80. Not paying debt to Trans-Federation.
  81. Too weak to carry log piles of premium ammo.
  82. Piggyback from extra fast acid blood worms
  83. Running of ahead of your team into zombie swarm surprise parties
  84. Running out of energy
  85. Unable to bolt your way out of a peril
  86. Unable to even pick up a pencil
  87. Unable to call your assault team
  88. Unable to throw out green gas and purple clouds
  89. Unable to hold your ground
  90. Unable to push your way out of a horde
  91. Unable to summon a big boom
  92. Unable to do anything useful for your team
  93. Unable to purchase some revive tokens
  94. Medic not sharing a medkit with you’re while at 10 health
  95. Texting in the middle of a fight
  96. Disconnected
  97. Zombie taking advantage of your laggy slow PC
  99. BANNED
  100. Pushed by bosses
  101. Using a weak gun against a savage devastator cause you somehow got put in a lobby with people that are level 40 while your level 10
  102. Being slow as a slug when fighting a Dark Minion Extra Fast Savage Devastator.
  103. Not having plot armour