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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Available at: Rank 14
Cost: $1,500
Ammo Cost: $25 for 250
Damage: 110 (Base)
Rate of Fire: 6.8 per sec
Firing Mode: Full-Auto
Weapon Class: SMG
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 25 (Base)

50 (w/ High Capacity)

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The Vector is a sub-machinegun featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. It is based on the real life KRISS Vector.

The Vector is unlocked at Rank 14. It is best for taking out basic Zombies, but note that it is not effective against Devastators and Purge Nests. It costs $1,500, and the ammunition for this weapon cost $25 dollars for 250 rounds. This weapon seems the be the upgraded version of the Skorpion. A good mid level gun that is quite similar to the MP5, but with a slight improvement in fire rate and much better damage. Useful for most zombies and can be bought at a cheap price. Well worth it for the rank.

Although mobile version displays it as having less damage than MP5, it actually does more damage.