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(Don't take the facts too seriously, its just a little project we came out with an inspiration)

Zombie Fact 1: Devastators likes human jam

Zombie fact 2: Devastators likes to go to gyms which are evacuated and work out

Zombie Fact 3: Let's take a look at the pods... nope

Zombie Fact 4: Z-droid servants and soldiers like the movie I-robot and Terminator

Zombie Fact 5: Regurgitators are just misunderstood people who ate too many beans and didn’t care about

personal hygiene

Zombie Fact 6: When the SAS 3 Devastator meets the SAS 4 Devastator and Savage Devastator, they're mostly

going to be good ol’ friends

Zombie Fact 7: A shambler doesn't like their homework being called a shambles, it is an insult to them

Zombie Fact 8: Dark minions are just ghosts

Zombie Fact 9: Shamblers, Stalkers, Spitters, Bloaters, Shielders, Regurgs, etc. approves that being

inside a egg pod is the most comfortable place in the universe

Zombie Fact 10: A shielder gets very tired having to haul a shield around every day

Zombie Fact 11: Regurgs never get their stomachs full because 90% of their body is a stomach

Zombie Fact 12: Some shamblers are friendly, but the SAS will always kill them no matter what because they have misunderstood them

Zombie Fact 13: Zombies actually don't think 13 as an unlucky number

Zombie Fact 14: Wickers are 1304°F, Savage Wickers are 1754°F

Zombie Fact 15: Zombies with fiery skin are wondering why something smells like burning, and they are around 200°F

Zombie Fact 16: Poisoned limbed zombies have no idea why they need to use so much cream on their arms

Zombie Fact: 17: Dark Minion Zombies are weebs who never went outside to get sunlight so they became black

in colour

Zombie Fact 18: Savage Zombie Mechs are upset by carts, so they call in swarms of zombies to destroy it

so their rubber bullets finally get to hit a SAS squadron

Zombie Fact 19: Devastators are just misunderstood people who want to play purge nests by raising

skeletons in SAS3

Zombie Fact 20: Dark Minions are 10% Void, 10% Void, 10% Void, 10% Void, 10% Void and 50% Void

Zombie Fact 21: Nightmarish bloaters A.K.A ‘butchers’ Spent too much time eating too much meat so they

became bigger and fatter

Zombie Fact 22: Zombies know what 9 plus 10 is, coz they eat so many brains

Zombie Fact 23: Necrosis and Savage Necrosis are decent karens. Well, they are good mothers actually

Zombie Fact 24: Savage Regurgs are shy boys that pulled up too much their jacket so no one sees their face

Zombie Fact 25: I can't do this, its too much

Zombie Fact 26: Savage Loaderboat wanted look different from his brothers so he painted himself red and went

to the Gym

Zombie Fact 27: Spitters and Stalkers love to prank bloaters

Zombie Facts 28: Shielders are supposed to shield bloaters, while bloaters tanks spitters, stalkers, and

shamblers, but they have less information so they scramble instead of doing a tactic with each other

Zombie Facts 29: Bloaters were really fat when they were alive and used to eat 50 pounds everyday

Zombie Fact 30: Energy Resilient skin zombies tried to become Zeus but they failed

Zombie Facts 31: Regurg and Savage Regurg hate getting burned because they are weak to it, especially

Zombie Mech's flamethrower modification, the SAS Flamethrower Turret and the Ronson Flamethrower

Zombie Facts 32: Shamblers don't have a brain to use so they try to eat brains of people who are still


Zombie Facts 33: Devastator is about 200 kg, while Savage Devastator is 450 kg due to more muscles and spikes

Zombie Facts 34: Zombies (Except bosses) come out in different types

Standard, Fetid, Evolved, Apex, Abominatic, Chaotic, and Voided

Zombie Fact 35: Zombies that are abominatic has increased movement and damage, zombies that are chaotic are

3x worse than an abominatic zombie, and a voided zombie cannot be killed and can trespass any fortifications

for a human, more like a nightmarish dark minion i'd say.

Zombie Fact 36: All necrosis(es) are female including spawns. There is no male version of  the necrosis.

Zombie Fact 37: Spawns can grow to a necrosis when entered an egg pod for 2 months. Well, some stay as their occupation even when trying to evolve to one, but they die during the process

Zombie Fact 38: Devastators hate cars as they get stuck on them

Zombie Fact 39: Zombie Mechs can never destroy carts and chairs because their bullets are made out of

[Redacted], and they never use another way around because they don't have that kind code in their software


Zombie Fact 40: No, Nightmarish Extra Strong Berserk Dark Minion Regenerating Savage Necrosis Elite X

doesn't exist, it can't be real.

Zombie Fact 41: Savage versions of the bosses are either based on their lifetime or a rare mutation

Zombie Fact 42: Dark minions are believed to be made up of dark matter

Zombie Facts 43: Zombies fear the Nightmarish mutation because of their size and the purple effect

rendering around them, just like inexperienced SAS privates

Zombie Facts 43-a: They try to keep away their fear during a SAS assault because the nightmarish zombies

doesn't like being left alone

Zombie Facts 44: A dark minion is happy to bully tanks

Zombie Facts 45: Zombies that still have a brain that is safe and well keep backs turned to cured sas

soldiers, or just play chess with other zombies with a brain

Zombie Fact 46: Let's take a look at the pods again....... doesn't hatch yet

Zombie Fact 47: Devastators are always upset with the physics of their universe, they can move a chair

and destroy cart, but can't destroy chairs and move cars out of their way.

Zombie Fact 48: Let's take a look at the pods the third time..... Still none

Zombie Fact 49: Shielders are aware of their back

Zombie Fact 50: Stalkers are Chokers but with legs

Zombie Fact 51: Apex Runners are just dark crystals

Zombie Fact 52: The bosses hate the stripper, so they are gathering a savage necrosis to make a new


Zombie Fact 53: Stalkers love flexing at shamblers

Zombie Fact 54: Apex shamblers hates standard shamblers

Zombie Fact 55: Worms and Puke Worms are friends, and burrowers too

Zombie Fact 56: Purge Nests are zombie generators, they were originally zombies but mutated into a nest

because of a very rare mutation

Zombie Fact 57: No, Zombie Antidote just kills zombies, not cure them

Zombie Fact 58: It looks so much easier than it actually is

Zombie Fact 59: Spitters just spits acidic mucus

Zombie Fact 60: Bloaters are jealous of regurgs

Zombie Fact 61: No that's not blood on the bloaters, they like ketchup a lot

Zombie Fact 62: You don't steal the bloater's weapon, you'll end up being a pile

Zombie Fact 63: Shamblers... are indeed shamblers

Zombie Fact 64: Shielders are still aware of their back since the sas soldiers can easily flank them

Zombie Fact 65: It seems like the pods will never hatch.... because its just money and supplies inside them.

What a waste of time

Zombie Fact 66: Dark Minions are just shadows from SAS 3

Zombie Fact 67: A wicker loves to sit on a tub of lava, same goes for the savage and fire necrosis spawn

Zombie Fact 68: An extra strong devastator are proud of their better muscles than before, same goes for apex

stalkers elite

Fact 69 Zombie: What

Zombie Fact 70: Zombies use common sense, don't expect too much since they don't use it on most times

Zombie Fact 71: Savages always wonder why standards are always happy when they are around

Zombie Fact 72: SAS 3 Devastators loves to teach SAS 4 Devastators how to do necromancy

Zombie Fact 73: Devastators likes human j- something is wrong (P.S.editor fix)

Zombie Fact 74: Nightmarish extra fast dark minion berserk extra strong acid blood Mamushka doesn't exist,

it can't hurt you

Zombie Fact 75: Chokers are just zombie mermaids

Zombie Fact 76: Regurgs can never take onto a diet, instead just puke worms

Zombie Fact 77: In most particular reasons, zombies cannot break anything except shopping carts and

barricades. Haha yes, physics

Zombie Fact 78: Zombie Turrets are just some lost brothers of sas turrets

Zombie Fact 79: No the turrets are not shooting the SAS soldiers, they just know when to duck, instinctively

Zombie Fact 80: Zombie Mechs are either going to pulse soldiers to death like nothing or just shoot them

like they always do

Zombie Fact 81: A Z-Droid Servant is responsible for the corpses at the "Power Out" mission

Zombie Fact 82: Enraged Devastators can be calmed by getting them iced

Zombie Fact 83: Necrosis(es) likes sweets

Zombie Fact 84: A savage regurg is a rotten regurg

Zombie Fact 85: The 3 necrosis spawns has the necrosis' knowledge divided to each other

Zombie Fact 85-a: The blade aspect Likes the heavy because of his aggressive rushing and getting right in

the enemie's face in combat. The fire aspect like's the assault's aggressive yet and thought out attack, and

the acid necrosis likes the medics chemical concoction in the med-kits

Zombie Fact 86: A Savage Z-Mech likes to keep small egg pods on its top

Zombie Fact 87: There are only 2% of the special species of Abominatic, Chaotic and Voided. Cool and rare

Zombie Fact 88: Unlike all the other zombies, the SAS 3 shambler and the runner have knowledge to avoid

blockages such as cars, rocks, etc.

Zombie fact 88-a: Running around a lot has increased the runners mental health, so in turn, how well he

thinks of a strategy

Zombie Fact 89: How many total facts are there.. i wonder....AAAAAAA

Zombie Fact 90: A savage devastator grew some visible spines on its back

Zombie Fact 90-a: A savage devastator drew heavy inspiration from the gruffalo, the 2 of them are good


Zombie Fact 91: Just like the savage devastator, the savage necrosis' back grows into a spike-ish look

Zombie Fact 92: Necrosis spawns are just the same as savage necrosis spawns

Zombie Fact 93: I can't even read this

Zombie Fact 94: Combot had been actually infected the whole time and sent some sas soldiers to a fake vaccine on

their mission

Zombie Fact 95: SAS 3 Bloaters and SAS 4 Bloaters are the same

Zombie Fact 96: SAS 3 Shambler mutations comes in by different colors

Standard, Green, and Red

Zombie Fact 97: Savage Devastators' heads are just some very hard rocks with flesh

Zombie Fact 98: A necrosis is 25% Physical, 25% Heat, 25% Toxic and 25% v o i d

Zombie Fact 98-a: Applies to savage necrosis(es) too

Zombie Fact 99: The zombies just want to give the SAS soldiers a hug

Zombie Fact 100: The SAS and the Zombies are actually together, just to make games

Authors: Inkcovenze#6002, Ayaan_X#3989 and ⎝⎝✗༺PŞ¥ĆĦØ༻✗⎠⎠#2599 (Main Author: Incovenze#6002)

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