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    August 25, 2017 by Helios Ex

    you nogglers best realise that this form of medium is suffering (I hate to be mean, sorry about leaving it as dead)

    you gotta stay woke my dudes.


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    Survival on Thera

    April 8, 2016 by Helios Ex

    “I can’t help but feel like we’re forgetting someone,” Doc pondered as she paced back and forth through the ship. She kept at this for several minutes until she stopped, turned to face Mortimer, and shouted: “FUCK! We’ve forgotten Heli!” She went back to pacing, this time faster, more frantic and anxious than before “We need to go back, but we can’t go back, we have an emotionally unstable Rick, and these idiots who wouldn’t be able to help whatsoever.” She furrowed her brow in intense thought, and then in absolute concession sighed out: “I guess we are going to need to leave him behind.”

    To this Mort responded “He was a dumbfuck for leaving his team behind anyway, though I can’t blame him too much with these shitheads, maybe we’ll be able …

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  • Helios Ex

    The shuttle held together as we approached Aartis, which was only a few hours away, and the ride was calm and pleasant. However, when we did land, we were poked and prodded by every possible piece of equipment, making for a truly uncomfortable experience, although Doc managed to get out of the extensive probing with some medical jargon, unlike Rick and I. After this we were sent to our lodging. After a few days of much needed solitude, Rick and I decided to hit the gym. We tried out this game similar to the ancient American football, called grid, and I can't say that I enjoyed it, though one of the guys on the opposing team, Benson or something, seemed a bit too into the game. After this rick got a new Personal mile-time record, with 4:58.…

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    Helios' Mobile NM guide

    December 24, 2015 by Helios Ex

    And yes. you should expect salt. 

    During this period, I was quite happy, since Z-droids were giving boxes, which meant I ended up with vast quantities of money from both cash drops and selling the crap loot inside of boxes (it's true). During this time, I would actually go out of my way in order to help those less fortunate low level players, just to make them win, since I thought they deserved it. I after ensuring victory would leave, in order to preserve my precious few tickets. It was during this time that I got approximately 8-9 black boxes, though I had to discard all past the first five, which was quite aggravating. I did eventually get a black key though, which was convenient, especially since that brought my chem defense up to my st…

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  • Helios Ex

    TV tropes.

    December 21, 2015 by Helios Ex

    Can someone find me all the pages with TV tropes on them, or was it only the M1000? just want to know.

    Also: I need to be reminded to finish my story. seriously...

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