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- GoldenApple_NB -
Rank: Gamer/Amateur Game Dev
Favorite(s): fun and only fun
Motto: Even the most pointless things are meaningful if you had fun.
"You're never given a purpose, you give yourself your own purpose. Make it count."

Hello, I'm GoldenApple NB, nicknamed Golden, Apple, Appy, Gapple, Gappy, GANB, or Ganbee.

I am a BUREAUCRAT and one of the ADMINS of this wiki currently. I'm probably one of the most knowledgeable people around here, so ask me anything related to this game or wikia stuff.

My abandoned original account that I still haven't found good use to use as an alt


p.s. you should ALWAYS consider buying things off steam when it's on sale rather than full-price.

  • Looking for top-down shooter 4-player co-op but with less grinding and more hardcore action and skills? Check out HELLDIVERS.
  • Looking for sci-fi RPG shooter with the very similar elemental mechanics with less grinding and more guns and lots of more guns? Check out Borderlands franchise. (2 especially)
  • I like a lot other games besides these, but they aren't similar to SAS4 really. You can leave a message on my talk page if you want to talk about them.