Exqûisite Meranøkìa

aka Astaroth

  • I live in Aartis's Orbit
  • My occupation is SAS Infantry Support/Extraction
  • I am a S.A.S. specialist qualified in atmospheric and vacuum combat, usually against the Theras-N virus but insurgences pop up from time to time.

Who Goes there?!

It's Me!

Hey! Welcome to my profile!! I've been a player of SAS:4 since late 2014 but became a regular player just before the Mixmaster had its 12RPS cut to 6RPS. Im mostly a mobile player, but I do have access to a computer where I make edits to the wiki from as well as research the game.

What I do & Introduction

I play SAS:4 on mobile but I have a few hours into the flash version. On Flash I've only had an Assault class that was around the 23 level threshold, But on mobile my two highest level characters were a 64 Medic with my own playstyle I call a "Selfish Medic" and a 70 Assault with a "Maximum Damage > Speed" playstyle. I've had a total of 9 character profiles across Mobile and flash, all totaling ~97 hours of game time. If you would like to see my main characters, theyre also OCs of mine as I write about them, the world/universe of SAS, and create new weapons and arnor for them! I have a few weapons shown below, but theyre just a few out of 100+. Anyways, heres My heavy, Cyrus, and Allister, my assault!                        

Theres the links to see some plentiful but basic information about them as theyre always going to be a work in progress. (( A work in progress as in new Weapons with Other weapon's stats as place holder formatting, and notes scatter about)) Incase my links dont work, or you dont want to be exposed to cringe, you can look above this and see even more basic information about them in the info !! But, like i said, please Keep in mind that Allister and even Cyrus are still a work in progress, and that if you do read their documents that there will be sentences that remind myself to edit certain things, thats my "notes scattered about" as stated earlier. On some things, information hasn't even been written down yet! And as a P.S. note, keep in mind that in the 'lore' of these documents, the SAS aren't the Special Air Services that they are believed to be in game. Even Humanity as a whole evolved from Homo Sapien Sapian to Homo Memoriam Sapiem, or, greater human, being the 31st century and all. Honestly, thats just my explanation to how humanity can survive on a mega earth ((Aartis/Kepler-187)) and my excuse to why the humans in my lore can live to ~2years so i can write plentiful backgrounds to them, I think Allisters is the most intruiging so far!                                                                        

Here are those weapon edits i make when I get ideas of something that I think would be interesting. Heres a few weapon examples! Keep in mind that incredible detail about them, including Caliber and bullet diameters, magazine capacitys, military designations and model names, okay you get it i write alot about these bad boys!                                                


The most recent edit out of the ones showing here, Its of the 505! Gatling gun barrels is the first firing mode while it has a second mode that fires the Ronson LBM round from a bullpup configuration. Accurate and intended for long range, while the gatling firing mode is for crowd control! spray and pray! Oh yea, dont mind the huge bayonet.


My first major edit of a weapon, hue shifts, glowing spots from different [RED] weapons, and even the handle guard of the stripper all came together to make this!


A plasma flamethrower that Ronson developed using ionized argon and sulfur hexafluoride, I do my research on my weapons and find out how to make them work!


a poorly made GIF of cyrus's intricate EMKT handgun. Why isnt this and another weapon on the left side of the H.I.K.S. baton? I do not know.


Just an edit of COM2, this edit makes it a proper railgun with a very large carry handle!

HVM A4 Extended Stock

Assault variant of the HVM 004. With a collapsable stock, pistol grip, and a longer ammunition tube. Theres a foregrip version somewhere on my phone.

60mm = no shoulder

An actual bullpup version of the H.I.K.S. sniper! A big work in Progress, but it'll expand on the fact of how its a anti-material rifle with sniper rifle capabilities, which most knowledgeble gun peeps know is impossible. But this is the 31st mellenium!!

HIKS sword thingy

A combination of weapons I made a year ago at 3 am. A one handed 'sword'. What does it do? I don't have a clue but I've been thinking something amongst the lines of becoming incandescent and being able to collapse on itself like a telescoping baton. Its made from almost every H.I.K.S. weapon, even the A10!!!


A bullpup variant of the normal striker rifle, making a suburb marksman rifle used by Allister!! Check out his document to see the normal striker rifles, and both colored varients of these two rifles. Oh! And the file name, T.F.I.R. thats the military designation of this rifle, "TransFederstion Ìchnos Recon". Ìchnos, because its a custom weapon for Allister, whos earned that title, and its better than T.F.A.C.R. which includes Allisters full name.

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