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Motto: If it's stupid but it works, then it ain't stupid.

My reaction to a lot things.


Yeah...445 edits...

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Most mobile players are annoying as hell.

The old party in Heart Gold.

Thanks Super Saiyan 7 Somebody for promoting me to administrator!

Hey, I'm bing445, a fellow member of the SAS wikia. Nothing much else to say.

So one day, I decided to create a comic. Sorry if it's poor quality, I'm bad at taking pictures, and scanner isn't working. Link if you want a better version.

True story.

It's based off a true incident.

Screenshot 2015-06-12-01-14-53.png

I got pretty piss off when I saw the augments on it.

Made loads of other comics to poke at Ninja Kiwi.

This is totally the best assault build ever. There's no denying it (pure sarcasm if you couldn't tell).

Bunch of users put in information about their character(s) in their user pages. I don't care, not really interested in doing so (and also because I'm too lazy to do so). Lost interest in SAS 4 anyways. Might do it, might not.

Opinions on other users

Cause, why not?

Rapid Fire Productions
An excellent and skillful SAS player, filled with experience and knowledge. All legit with 2 level 100s. I would recommend talking to him for advice; although he no longer does that (due to amount of blind people who wouldn't accept the truth, or just pure noob).

A Wikia Contributor 9337
A hacker. But, unlike your average hackers, he actually knows how to play the game and can guide you towards the right direction. His comments on idiots and noobs are amusing. Can't handle noobs too well though, as they will kill off his brain cells.
He was a legit player before. High level and all. But Ninja Kiwi decided to be a dick and banned him for no good reason. Twice.

The Augster at NK
Dunno what's the hate with him. He got his own opinions, just like everyone else. He's on the Ninja Kiwi forums often.

Friend who doesn't really play SAS 4 anymore.

Ummm...I guess the best way to explain about him can be sum up in two images. This one annnd this one too.

I disagree with a lot of his playstyle. A lot.

  • Focusing on Physicalico.pngPhysical defense only. Really? Chemicalico.pngChemical is pretty common and important. A few Spitters' shots will take a decent chunk out of your health.
  • RIA 20 Striker. Excellent starter weapon, but that's about it. Dunno why the hell does he praise it so much.
  • Racism towards Assault class. Wow.
  • Recovery build. On a Heavy class. The purpose of the class is to tank. Why bother with a death build, if you could just shrug off the damage like you're supposed to do?
  • Capacity > Adaptive. No. What are you gonna do in Nightmare Mode without Adaptive? Nothing, unless you're being carried. Adaptive is essential. I don't want to hear some 'eternal firing' reason. You could just focus on reload and hit the cap. Capacity is limited on one weapon; Fast Reload and Nimble is global.

New user, but I sense loads of potential inside of him. Also, he's not retard like most other mobile player. I swear, SAS Zombie Assault 4 mobile got this new strain of stupidity. 'Mobiltards', as some people call them.

Some say he's a puppet of Whyareyoureadingthis, other users believe he is just his brother. I don't give a shit about that topic anymore. Not too sure about his playstyle. But one thing for sure, GoddamnElectric does joke around. A lot. GoddamnElectric seems to enjoy killing off A Wikia Contributor 9337's brain cells.

Helios Ex
Close friend. He helped out a lot. Basically Rapid Fire Productions for SAS 4 mobile.

Ideas Techs-related

A new strain of retardness. It is commonly carried by SAS: Zombie Assault 4 mobile players. It's often times called as the "mobiltard disease".


Grew up playing Pokémon games. Life would be so much different if I never knew what was Pokémon. I wish I got the money for a 3DS to test out the gen VI games. Oh well, sucks to be me. The previous two sentences isn't true anymore. Finally got a 3DS XL on 6/13/16. X and Y wasn't as bad, but Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was a major let down. They really simplified the game compare to the originals.

Pokémon Fire Red

Ani009MS.png Real name: Blastoise
Nickname: DAN
Level: 46
Ability: Torrent
(Surfing and tanking. Terrible offense...)

Ani018MS.png Real name: Pidgeot
Nickname: Hawk
Level: 44
Ability: Keen Eye
(Decent tank, just spam Featherdance. Also has Leftovers)

Ani057MS.png Real name: Primeape
Nickname: Chestnuts
Level: 45
Ability: Vital Spirit
(Glass cannon. High atk with bad defense.)

Ani064MS.png Real name: Kadabra
Nickname: Vivi
Level: 54
Ability: Synchronize
(Another glass cannon. Good sp.atk, with awful defense.)

Ani143MS.png Real name: Snorlax
Nickname: Qunia
Level: 30
Ability: N/A
(Probably never gonna use him. Oh well.)

Ani052MS.png Real name: Meowth
Nickname: Cash
Level: 11
Ability: Pickup
(Just for Pickup and HM moves.)

Pokémon Heart Gold

Ani160MS.png Real name: Feraligatr
Nickname: Munch
Level: 48
Ability: Torrent
(Offense. Not the best, but he gets the job done.)

Ani018MS.png Real name: Pidgeot
Nickname: Hawk
Level: 46
Ability: Tangled Feet
(He's back! Kinda crappy though, lack in attack.)

Ani214MS.png Real name: Heracross
Nickname: Augster
Level: 46
Ability: Guts
(Pure offense, destroys everything in sight.)


Ani082MS.png Real name: Magneton
Nickname: Magneto
Level: 52
Ability: Sturdy.)
(Tank. Also cripples enemies with Thunder Wave and then bash on them.)

Ani424MS.png Real name: Ambipom
Nickname: Zidane
Level: 50
Ability: Pickup
(Free loot from Pickup, and for odd Pokémons/clearing out weak Pokémons.)

Ani148MS.png Real name: Dragonair
Nickname: Flammie
Level: 36
Ability: Shed Skin
(Too early to really judge, still leveling it up.)

Pokémon Heart Gold, honorable mentions

Ani176MS.png Real name: Togetic
Nickname: Mana
Level: 39
Ability: Serene Grace
(Pretty odd Pokémon. Metronome is random...)


Ani132MS.png Real name: Ditto
Nickname: Ditty
Level: 34
Ability: Limber
(Fun, and challenging to use.)

Pokémon White

Ani503MS.png Real name: Samurott
Nickname: Helios Ex
Level: 59
Ability: Torrent
(He can handle lots of situations. General usage.)

Ani545MS.png Real name: Scolipede
Nickname: Assassin
Level: 50
Ability: Poison Point
(Got the highest speed stat in the team. Decent moves set.)

Ani553MS.png Real name: Krookodile
Nickname: Destroyer
Level: 53
Ability: Moxie
(Sweeper. It's easy to clear out enemies, especially with Moxie.)

Ani609MS.png Real name: Chandelure
Nickname: Striker
Level: 48
Ability: Flash Fire
(Glass cannon. High sp.atk, yet, she's weak to a lot of types.)

Ani598MS.png Real name: Ferrothorn
Nickname: Hard Thorn
Level: 50
Ability: Iron Barbs
(Tank. A very slow one too.)

Ani628MS.png Real name: Braviary
Nickname: 'Murica
Level: 56
Ability: Sheer Force
(True badass, highest attack stat in the team. Rather frail though.)

Spr BW Elesa.png
Favorite Pokémon Themes
(Does not include side games. Yet.)
Let's_Listen_Pokemon_HG_SS_-_Cherrygrove,_Mahogany_Town_(Extended) Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver- Cherrygrove, Mahogany Town. I love this, it's even better at 2x speed.
Battle!_Wild_Pokémon_-_Pokémon_Fire_Red_&_Leaf_Green_Music_Extended Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green- Random encounter. Favorite random battle theme outta any Pokémon game. The memories...
Battle!_Team_Plasma_-_Pokémon_Black_&_White_Music_Extended Pokémon Black/White- Team Plasma theme. Hands down, the most badass theme for a villainous team in Pokémon.
Opelucid_City_(White)_-_Pokémon_Black_&_White_Music_Extended Pokémon Black/White- Opelucid City. Slow and beautiful.
Battle!_Cheren_Bianca_-_Pokémon_Black_&_White_Music_Extended Pokémon Black/White- Rival battle. Silly and playful.
Skyarrow_Bridge_-_Pokémon_Black_&_White_Music_Extended Pokémon Black/White- Skyarrow Bridge. It's so peaceful...