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Turrets are automatic but stationary, AI-Controlled weapons the player can buy and place. They will start shooting zombies who come within range. Turrets are effective for covering areas the player can't reach while away in another area, and they're very useful for ammunition conservation and backup fire. In SAS: Zombie Assault and SAS: Zombie Assault 3, they are already unlocked and ready to place. However in SAS: Zombie Assault 2 and SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Insane Asylum, they need to be unlocked. They can be unlocked in the Workshop in SAS 2 and in the Courtyard in Insane Asylum. They can only be reloaded in SAS 2 and Insane Asylum.

SAS: Zombie Assault

There are two types of turrets in SAS: ZA (known as Sentry Guns in-game), the Light Sentry Gun and Heavy Sentry Gun. The Light costs $400, the Heavy costs $500.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2/Insane Asylum

There are two types of turrets in SAS2: the Vickers and ADWS (which stands for Area Denial Weapon System). The Vickers is considerably cheap, $4,000, and is good in the early stages. Even though the price of one is considerably low and easy to obtain, it is not advised to buy this. Against zombies and Clowns alike, it is weak and inferior to the ADWS. It is largely shunned by ADWS' because of their high Rate-of-Fire and power, although it still requires quite a bit of work to do with stronger zombies, it is very effective when used with the M60 or MG4. The ADWS sports a $10,000 price tag, which is a bit expensive. Standing over them, pressing F, and then waiting for a few seconds as a timer appears will reload them for free.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3

Turrets return in SAS3. The two are the GECAL 50 and the ADWS. The Gecal 50 costs $5,000, and ADWS' cost $10,000. The ADWS faces a lot of changes in SAS, being semi-automatic and having a fairly low Rate of Fire. It also has 250 shots in it, compared to the ADWS in SAS 2, where it had 1,000 rounds (2,000 if the Sentry Gun Engineer rank was unlocked). However, it's high damage remains. The Devastators are still a nightmare, as it can withstand or even exceed up to a full 5 ADWS' clip. The GECAL 50 is inferior in terms of power to the ADWS, but superior in terms of clip size and RoF. They can be put near a nest in Purge mode, allowing the player to defend them-self while it does the work. Do not waste too much money on them, though. If one collects them, a fairly high amount of these Sentry guns can be obtained from crates.

SAS: Zombie Assault Tower Defense

There are 3 types of turrets in SAS: ZA TD, called the Vickers turret. It can be upgraded to an ADWS, Zeus Exclusion X4 and the ThunderCat Gigashot. The second is MGL turret, and the third is the special turret. The bullets for the turrets here are unlimited.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

There are 7 different turrets in SAS4. In-game, all of them can be randomly acquired through picking up special blue crates during missions or through daily rewards.

Only first three are purchasable 3 via in-game cash in Support/Supplies. The turrets (include those other than first 3) can also be purchased in Store (through Combo packs) and Armory in Faction War (through Consumable Pack).

All turrets automatically turn [RED] Version upon reaching level 30, and the price of the purchasable turrets increases by a 5x multiplier. It's suggested to avoid overusing earned turrets until level 30 so players don't have to purchase them later on.

One notable feature is that one can only activate 2 turrets at the same times (3 If the player has reached level 5 of Turret Masteries). Dropping a third/fourth turret while the first two are already functioning will render the latter being temporarily deactivated until the latest turrets run out of ammo.

The turret drop crate.

Screenshot 2017-03-26-16-14-18.png

Due to the fact that in the game file, the turrets are under same category as all other weapons in order to share some properties, modifying game cession can make the player equip them into regular weapon slots.