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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- Trailblazer -
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Manufacturer [?] Smoke Stack
Ammo Cost [?] $$$.png 90 for 200
$$$.png 900 [RED] Version for 200
$$$.png 1,080 [BLACK] Version for 200

$$$.png 360 for 200
$$$.png 3,600 [RED] Version for 200
$$$.png 4,320 [BLACK] Version for 200 (Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 200
400 [RED] Version
600 [BLACK] Version
Pierce 3
Blast Radius 1.8
Rate of Fire 8, 5 (Mobile)
Capacity 6
Reload Time 1.7 sec
Movement -5%
Firing Mode Double Action (Works like a Semi-Auto)
Weapon Class Pistol
Damage Type Energyico.pngShock
Approx. Drop Level 13
85 [RED] Version & [BLACK] Version
Single DPS [?] 1,600
3,200 [RED] Version
4,800 [BLACK] Version
Crafting Cost [?] $$$.png 433,480
$$$.png 1,924,680 [RED] Version
$$$.png 9,623,400 [BLACK] Version

Alloy.png 866
Alloy.png 24,058 [RED] Version
Alloy.png 288,702 [BLACK] Version

"Fashioned with the aesthetic of a 20th century revolver, the Trailblazer shoots arcing "Shocker" bullets which damage secondary targets with millions of volts."
―Official description

The Trailblazer is a double-action (classified as a semi-auto) Energyico.pngShock revolver in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It is much like a pistol version of the CM Gigavolt, though in comparison, the Trailblazer has a much smaller magazine, of 6 rounds compared to the Gigavolt's 20. It deals less damage than the Gigavolt and fires faster than the Gigavolt, ever since it got changed to full auto 5 RPS compared to the Trailblazer's 8.

It's good against medium-sized groups of weaker zombies and small groups of Bloaters and their worms. Its small cylinder size means frequent reloading, though the reload time is fairly short. Unlike most pistols, which have no movement penalty, the Trailblazer reduces the player's movement by 5%. Another drawback is that it does not have infinite ammunition and uses ammunition that must be bought. It is similar in appearance to the Nitro Express .600, which is in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

Like the Gigavolt, upon striking a zombie or wall, the ammunition causes electrical arcs to chain to nearby zombies, damaging them. The amount of zombies each shot arcs to has a limit equaling the pierce.

Overall, this is a compact, portable version of the Gigavolt. Good against Shielders as shock can damage them from behind.


See Shock Weapons.


  • As of the October 5th, 2015 update, the [BLACK] Version version had been released, along with 3 other pistols.
  • The Trailblazer has highest pierce DPS of all pistols.
  • The Trailblazer and the Poison Claw are the only pistols to have ammo that isn't free, due to their non-physical damage type.
  • The Trailblazer received a "Easter Edition" around Easter (March 28th) 2016. It was called the Bunnyblazer, and replaced the Trailblazer from strongboxes and crafting. Its description was "You don't want to race a rabbit, mate...". This is possibly a reference to the movie "Rise of the Guardians"
  • Its description in the alpha version was "Looks like an old Colt revolver"
  • A 5/20/16 update delayed arcing from instant chain to a jump every 2 frames to help reduce lag.
  • Despite being alike to Nitro Express .600 as aforementioned, this gun is possibly modeled after Ruger Bisley.