SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Armor
- Titan MEM Sprint -

Titan MEM Sprint

Titan MEM Sprint RED

-BLACK- Titan MEM Sprint

Titan MEM Sprint (Mobile)

Titan MEM Sprint-0

Base Stats
Physical Def. 55
155 RED
565 Selection 004
Thermal Def. 20
85 RED
355 Selection 004
Chemical Def. 15
75 RED
325 Selection 004
Move Speed 6%
12% RED & Selection 004
Approx. Drop Level 48
100 RED & Selection 004
"Titan Mechanically Enhanced Movement Sprint includes biocalibrated foam allowing for much faster movement."
―Official Description

The Titan MEM Sprint are boots made by Atomic, which have the second highest unaugmented movement buff, at +6/12%, just below the Rubicon Power Assist. If augmented with Machine Assisted, these boots can make the player faster than the Power Assist. It also has great overall defense, higher than other boots barring the Hardplate Boots, making these boots favored by many players.

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