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The Office
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Mission Description:
Intel from the Isle led us here - a non-descript office in a run-down desert town. Obvious it is a front, more obvious it's a trap. But we have to clear it and secure any documents, before we torch it to the ground.
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The Office is the sixth map available in SAS: Zombie Assault 3, available in the North American region on the world map. It is thus the first new map on the version of the game for mobile devices (of which it is exclusive to).


The Office is a small and very cramped map, similar to the Farmhouse, and contains only one barricade. It is made up of six rooms. The zombies come through two entrances (one on the left side and one on the right side of the map) and through a hole in the floor in the center room. Outside, two cars can be seen (with one crashed into the building), along with a bus on its side and a scooter.


The best strategy on this map is to either camp in the lower left corner with a good crowd control weapon(like the AK-47), or to run around the map with a high mobility weapon (however, due to the hole spawning zombies being in the middle room, that might not be such a good idea). Another strategy is to put Sentries in front of the window under the middle room, as well as a second Sentry in the doorway of the room.

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