SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- Stripper -


Stripper red

Stripper black

-RED- Stripper (Mobile)
Manufacturer [?] Rancor
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 160 for 100
$$$ 1,600 for 100 RED
$$$ 1,920 for 100 Selection 004

$$$ 640 for 100
$$$ 6,400 for 100 RED
$$$ 7,680 for 100 Selection 004(Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 70
150 RED
225 Selection 004
Total DoT/Pellet [?] 800/3 sec
1,000/3 sec RED
1,500/3 sec Selection 004
Pierce 2
Pellets/shot [?] 3
Rate of Fire 4 rps
Capacity 18
25 RED & Selection 004
Reload Time 2.7 sec
Movement -12%
Firing Mode Full Auto
Weapon Class Shotgun
Damage Type ChemicalicoChemical
Approx. Drop Level 17
80 RED & Selection 004
Single DPS [?] 10,440
13,800 RED
20,700 Selection 004
Pierce DPS [?] 20,880
27,600 RED
41,400 Selection 004
Crafting Cost [?] $$$ 885,220
$$$ 4,813,560 RED
$$$ 24,067,800 Selection 004

Alloy 1,770
Alloy 60,169 RED
Alloy 722,034 Selection 004

"The MAR-9 shotgun round delivers 3 destructive pellets to targets with often horrifying results."
―Official Description

The Stripper is a fully automatic shotgun in SAS: Zombie Assault 4 made by Rancor. Along with the Poison Claw, CM X-1 Furie, and Vitriol, it is one of only four weapons that deal chemical ChemicalicoChemical damage in the game. It fires 3 green flechettes in a wide and inaccurate spread. This, when combined with its low base pierce (2, for a maximum of six targets affected), makes it better for bossing than for mobbing. As an added bonus, only Regurgitators and the Toxic Necrosis Spawn resist this weapon, and it is especially effective against Loaderbots because Chemical is the only damage type that Loaderbots do not resist.

Most of this weapon's damage output comes from its damage over time component. As such, it is less effective on crit builds, because DoTs cannot crit. They can, however, stack; the Stripper can apply its DoT up to twelve (with augments, twenty four) times simultaneously on the same target. Note that it is quite difficult to maintain peak DPS on this gun; between reloading and missing, the DPS dealt to a single target may be as low as half of what is expected.

Stripper vs Other Shotguns

When compared against other shotgun users without bonuses (such as Critical Shot, Adrenaline, and other damage modifiers), the augmented Stripper out damages all of its peers.

Name Clean Augmented Aug with Cap., no Reload Speed 80% Reload, no Capacity 80% Reload, Capacity
Stripper 20,700 41,523 61,716 65,995 73,676
Shockfield 21,000 16,800* 38,594 46,666 68,000
Tempest 12,000 30,108 40,858 42,901 46,379
HVM 004 10,800 15,781 29,450 33,295 41,404
Strikeforce 11,520 14,400 27,200 30,857 38,653

Note - All non-clean values are their True DPS values, with reload time factored in. They also assume BLACK 10***.

  • With no reload speed or capacity from the RED Shotgun Collection, Shockfield augmented only fires for 20% of the time, resulting in 20% DPS

However, once 25 Critical Shot is factored in, the Stripper falls behind massively in terms of damage:

Name 25 Critical Shot, 16% Crit Chance 25 Critical Shot, 45% Crit Chance
Stripper 82,084 88,045
Shockfield 89,760 129,200
Tempest 61,220 88,120
HVM 004 51,021 73,440
Strikeforce 50,237 66,246

Note - For DPS, Crit Damage is treated as an average DPS increase. 16% of all shots dealing 201% more damage is the approximately the same as saying that 100% of all shots deals 32% bonus damage.

Thus, the Stripper is best when no Crit damage or modifiers are factored in, but falls behind on Crit builds.

Math on Deadly vs Capacity

While Capacity does not increase your raw DPS output, it does increase your effective DPS far more than Deadly does.

A gun with Tenacious-Overclock-Deadly has an effective DPS of


Whereas a gun with Tenacious-Overclock-Capacity has an effective DPS of:


If you are at the 80% Reload Speed Cap, the Tenacious-Overclock-Capacity goes up to:



Given a Black Stripper with the following stats:

225 Damage per pellet

4 Rounds per Second

25 Rounds

1,500 DPS per proc of DoT over 3 seconds

2.7s Reload Time

Our maximum raw DPS on a clean weapon assuming every shot lands and stacks is:

(1,500*3*25)+(225*3*25)/6.25 = 20,700

With Tenacious - Overclocked, this figure jumps to:

(3,000*3*25)+(225*3*25)/3.125 = 77,400

By comparison, that same figure with 10* Deadly is... 

(1,500*3*25)+(450*3*25)/6.25 = 23,400 DPS.  2,700 damage increase over a clean Stripper.

With 0% Reload Speed, our TRUE DPS (or how much you can expect to deal) becomes 

(1,500*3*25)+(225*3*25)/8.95 = 14,455 Clean

(1,500*3*25)+(450*3*25)/8.95 = 16,340 With Deadly

(3,000*3*25)+(225*3*25)/5.825 = 41,523 With Tenacious-Overclocked

(3,000*3*25)+(450*3*25)/5.825 = 44,420 With Tenacious-Overclocked-Deadly

Getting Deadly therefore gets us an increase of 1,885/2897, an increase of 13%/7% damage. By comparison, Capacity 10* gives us 60 extra rounds (240% of 25) so our formula becomes:

(1,500*3*85)+(225*3*85)/23.95 = 18,366 with only Capacity

(3,000*3*85)+(450*3*85)/13.325 = 66,022 with Tenacious-Overclocked-Capacity

Getting Capacity over Deadly gives you an increase of 3911/24499, or an increase of 27%/59% DPS. In addition, it costs half as much as Deadly to augment.

Therefore, Capacity is better than Deadly on the Stripper. It is massively more cost effective and slot effective. 


  • This gun was buffed, balanced, and nerfed multiple times because it was so "buggy" - the chemical DoT ate up more network traffic than other guns.
  • The Stripper is lever action like the 1887 Shockfield (even though the Stripper is still fully automatic, oddly enough).
  • Its description in the alpha version was "molecular acid", just like the Poison Claw.
    • MAR stands for "Molecular Acid Round".
  • The Stripper's Selection 004 mobile version uses the same image as the PC version, as with most Selection 004 mobile guns.
  • The Stripper has blood on its blade in the barrel, and in the mobile version the barrel also has blood, which is not grayed out on Selection 004 version.
  • The Stripper have a "Christmas Edition", named Grinch. Its description is "It's because I'm green isn't it?". This is reference to the Grinch's fur color and chemical projectile in game both being green.
  • The Stripper uses modified version of most assault rifles' reload sound rather than shotgun reload sound.
  • As with all Rancor weapons, its bayonet is completely cosmetic.

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