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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Stoeger side-by-side
Stoeger side-by-side.png
Available at: Rank 5
Cost: $200
Ammo Cost: $75 per 25 rounds
Damage: 1120 (Base)

1400 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 7
Weapon Class: Shotgun
Capacity: 2 (Base)

4 (w/ High Capacity)

Stoeger stats.png

The Stoeger is a side-by-side double-barreled shotgun featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3 and is unlocked at Rank 5.

The Stoeger holds two shots with a medium reload speed, a high rate of fire, and slightly less than medium damage. The ammunition for this weapon costs $75 for 25 rounds. Great for clearing out small bunches of zombies, as well as quite conservative on ammo. Despite the tiny clip, this gun performs very well, especially when fast reload for shotguns is unlocked.

The Stoeger double can be exploited to become "the poor man's AA-12" on the mobile version. Upgrading it is cheap and can grant it increased fire rate, and reload time to make it almost automatic. When fully upgraded it has a seven round clip and can fire ALL seven rounds in a few seconds. If player has High-Cap Mag skill, it can be 9 rounds in the clip. With premium ammo, this gun is great even to the upper ranks (lower 30's) and if upgraded like this, is an indispensable weapon. Even without premium ammo, it can deal out more damage per second than the SPAS-12, comparing both when fully upgraded.

Stats for FULL UPGRADE (mobile test, no premium):

Fire Rate 4 RPS
Reload ~1.3 Seconds
Ammo Cost $75 per 25 rounds, $225 for 25 premium rounds


  • The picture of the Stoeger in the game is actually a picture of an over - under configuration.
  • In SAS 4, the Mustang uses the same "gone in a few shots" concept, as both have shotgun functionality, high fire rate, 2 clip, and high damage. However, the Mustang is classified as a pistol.