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From the community

Heya, Editors your local neighborhood Wiki Admin here!

This is a list of things to do around the wiki to help out and active projects relating to the wiki.
ToDo list

  • Translate pages to other languages if possible?
  • Fix up outdated information
  • To Split Pages into their respective version
    • This is to preserve the old Flash Stats without cluttering a single page due discontinuation of SAS flash and possibility of divergence

Active projects

  • Split pages into respective versions Mobile&Steam/Flash
  • Finding up to date equations for SAS 4 Mobile Stat Calculations.

This is a list for the active Admin/Admins
Admin ToDo list

  • Encourage Editing by new users.
  • Finish Updating old templates
  • Finish moving focus of wiki from SAS 4(Flash) to the Mobile/Steam edition
  • Upload Better Mobile Images for items and weapons(Long overdue)
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