Dragonfly full set

RED Dragonfly set

BLACK Dragonfly set

"So light that full range of movement is available. Constructed with emphasis on toxic resistant materials."
―Official description

The Shotlite Dragonfly set is manufactured by Shotlite. Fairly rare to obtain, it is a great upgrade to the Hummingbird series, and the RED and Selection 004 versions are particularly good later on. In addition, all the armors increases the user's movement speed by a tiny margin (up to 12% with full set). But the most beneficial one is the Helmet because of the +5% Gun Damage it provides and 4% movement speed as well, and may be a comparable nemesis of Titan IRN HUD, which provides 5% more Gun Damage, but also reduces movement speed by 5%.


  • This series is most likely named after the Cessna A-37 Dragonfly.
  • The official description is contradictory to its stats - it seems to focus more on PhysicalicoPhysical than ChemicalicoChemical. Although its ChemicalicoChemical defense is higher than its ThermalicoThermal defense, unlike most armor sets, so this could be what the description meant.
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