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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Manufacturer
- Shotlite -
Manufactures Weapons and Armor
Design Pattern Light-grey and smooth with green lights
"Shotlite is a subsidiary of high speed space vessel manufacturer 'Shiplite' who have developed an enormous patent catalogue heavy in research on ultra-light materials. Bringing the weight of an empty gun down by 90% has tremendous mobility advantages and they even have developed a lighter than air paint.Gun power cells and ammo however still have weight but these guns and armour are still the choice of ultra high mobility stealth kill teams"
―Official Description

Shotlite makes both weapons and armor. Shotlite weapons are incredibly light and are great for early levels. However, the ultra-light Hornet and Supermarine are not found until late into the game. Shotlite armor gives pretty good physical defense, and one set has decent heat resistance, while the other one is good for toxic defense. Shotlite armor pieces increase movement speed, with the Dragonfly helmet having the highest movement buff, +4%. Shotlite series can be mixed to improve movement while also providing good defense in each category.

The color of the guns are light grey, slim, and alien-like, with a glowing yellow-green l|l Shotlite symbol and more lights of the same color on standard versions. [RED] Version versions will replace all green with red and will have two red chevrons somewhere on the gun. The armor color is grey (light for Hummingbird, dark for Dragonfly), and it has a repeating pattern of hexagons. The [RED] Version versions will have red chevrons just like the ones on the [RED] Version guns in place of lighted up l|l. [BLACK] Version Shotlite equipment is dark grey/black and has the [BLACK] Version logo in place of the l|l on standard equipment.

On Mobile, the color & shapes of the guns (except PREM ones) are significantly different. Notable feature is that [BLACK] Version versions, unlike those from other manufacturers (where [BLACK] Version versions are identical to those on Flash), are based directly on Mobile design.

  • For color scheme, they have tan & steel grey for upper & lower receivers respectively, which makes them look brighter than Flash's counterpart.
  • All of them now have glowing lines respectively running through the l|l Shotlite symbol, on the grips (for pistols) & buttstocks (for primary) (for Tempest, on the drum magazine as well). Those lines share the same color of the l|l symbol's (now has lighter shade of green).
  • [RED] Version versions only replace all glowing green lights with red ones, making them somewhat easily mistaken to Standard versions without looking at [RED] Version tags on the right corner.
  • [BLACK] Version ones replace all tan with jet black and remove lights from pistols' grips & primary's buttstocks. [BLACK] Version logo & white stripes still remain while the former isn't in place of l|l symbol.
  • Their shape, while still having futuristic design, is bulkier & more realistic in proportion.



Sub machine guns

Assault Rifles

Light machine guns


Sniper Rifles


Phoenix (Faction War Exclusive)

Rocket Launchers

Havoc (Faction War Exclusive)

Armor Pieces


  • With the exception of the Bayonet, all Shotlite equipment are each named after an aircraft. You check the gun and armor pieces' pages to see which aircraft each piece of gear gets its name from.
    • Though if aircraft isn't the sole reference for Shotlite's equipment scheme, it's possible Bayonet is named after HMAS Bayonet (P 101) - Attack class patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Shotlite has a similar name to the real-life gun company Armalite.
  • All Shotlite weapons gib zombies more often than other guns.
  • The green I|I on Shotlite armor is typically replaced by red arrows (on the [RED] Version version), or a split white ring (on the [BLACK] Version version).
    • Unlike other companies, whose [BLACK] Version weapon versions are simply repaints, the [BLACK] Version version of all Shotlite weapons are individually redesigned with perforated metal coverings, a split white ring in place of the I|I and side openings, etc.
    • The Shotlites logo that was replacing the I with I|I in the lite is placed in all of its manufactured items has the sign I|I.