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SAS: Zombie Assault 2
SAS Zombie Assault 2.png
Publication Information
Developer Ninja Kiwi
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Release date 2009
Genre Top-down Shooter
Mode Single-player
Rating PG-13
Platform Browser

―In-Game Description

SAS: Zombie Assault 2 is the sequel to SAS: Zombie Assault, and the second game in the SAS Series. It was announced on a blog from April 6th, 2009[1] and later released on June 22nd, 2009.[2]

An expansion, of SAS: Zombie Assault 2, SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Insane Asylum, was announced on July 21st, 2009.[3]. It was later released on August 6th, 2009.[4] Multiplayer was originally planned to be included, but there was "a bunch of potential issues that dragged the timeframe out into the 6+ month sort of area, something [Ninja Kiwi wasn't] quite comfortable with", according to Chris Harris.[5] Later, a full sequel, SAS: Zombie Assault 3, was released.

New guns have been added, as well as a much larger map and a new system: Ranks. Each killed zombie rewards XP, which, with enough, increases your Rank. Each Rank has its reward(s). Another change is that, rather than moving into different rooms of the map, they have to be unlocked with in-game money, earned from completing waves and killing zombies. Guns also have to be unlocked, which can be found in different rooms.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2/Insane Asylum Rank & Skills

Rank In-game Description/Unlock(s)
01 Private.PNG Private None
02 Corporal.PNG Corporal Laser Sights
03 Sergeant.PNG Sergeant

Radar Scanner

04 Lieutenant.PNG Lieutenant Faster Reload
05 Captain.PNG Captain


06 Major.PNG Major

High capacity magazines

07 SAS2 Colonel.png Colonel Sentry gun engineer
08 General.png General

Witness the fitness

Rank Unlock Descriptions:

Laser Sights - Projects a red dot on the point of aim. Red dot will show up on a wall or zombie to confirm point of aim.

Radar Scanner - Provides a map for the game that shows accessible areas as green lines, and shows zombies as red dots.

Faster Reload - Decreases time to reload. This is most notable when using automatics. If the mouse is held, firing will commence before the Reload sound completes.

Badassness - Doubles the health of the player.

High Capacity Magazines - Doubles the capacity of every gun.

Sentry Gun Engineer - Doubles the capacity of Sentry Guns.

Witness the Fitness - Increases the movement speed of the player.



One of the most notable changes from the first game is the amount of rooms and the way they are accessed. They are:


Guns Premium Guns Sentry Guns Power-ups
P226 Lee Enfield Vickers Grenade
MP5 MP7 ADWS Cryo Grenade
M870 AA12 Holy Hand Grenade
AK47 M41A Pulse Rifle RAGE %#@!&#
G3 MGL140 Double Damage
SCAR Proton Cannon
L115A1 M2 Flamethrower
HK417 Tactical Chainsaw