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SAS: Zombie Assault
SAS Zombie Assault.png
Publication Information
Developer Ninja Kiwi
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Release date 2008
Genre Top-down Shooter
Mode Single-player
Rating PG-13
Platform Browser

SAS: Zombie Assault is a game developed by Ninja Kiwi, and the first game in the SAS Series. A 3D version of the game was also made with Wild Pockets. A 2D sequel, SAS: Zombie Assault 2, was made and released on June 22nd, 2009.[1] The player has to fight through waves of Zombies, buying better guns to fight the hordes. There are three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. The game consists of a total of twenty waves.

SAS: Zombie Assault was said to be a homage to the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: World at War.[2] Ninja Kiwi was "bombarded" with requests for a multiplayer version, however, Chris said in a blog that "it’s not currently in the workflow any more" on April 6th, 2009.[2] Multiplayer for the sequel, SAS: Zombie Assault 2, was planned, but didn't make it either.[3] It wasn't until the third full game, SAS: Zombie Assault 3, that multiplayer was implemented.


  • Pistol
  • M870 - shotgun
  • MP5N - submachine gun
  • L85A2 - assault rifle
  • AWM - sniper rifle
  • MAG - machine gun

Sentry guns

Other weapons


SAS: Zombie Assault contains five different types of barricades. The last type, Razor Wire, damages zombies while they attack it.


Map of the building.

SAS: Zombie Assault features a three-room building with a total of nine barricades. It may be a church, as beating the game shows the silhouette of the player standing with a building that appears to have a cross on top.

Occasionally zombies will get 'stuck' (basically they wander around doing nothing in particular) in the upper right room. This appears to happen when the player is in the bottom right room. It may be that the zombies cannot detect the player at such a distance, as they will only move towards the player when they get near/into the room with the zombies.


SAS: Zombie Assault consists of six different types of zombies that will try to kill the player.

  • The first two are the most common, which are a brown-colored and green-colored zombie, respectively. They are also the weakest. The second type is noticeably faster than the first.
  • The third type, a massive red-colored zombie, is much stronger, but is uncommon in the earlier levels. It appears to be the predecessor to the Butcher zombie from the later SAS: Zombie Assault games.
  • The next type, a Lich, appears after the previous zombies, and can summon Skeletons to attack the player. They also have a ranged attack, in which they can fire some sort of ball of energy. It is a good idea to take out the Lich, as large groups of them can cause hordes of Skeletons to swarm the player.
  • The next type, as mentioned, is a Skeleton. These are spawned from the Lich.
  • The last type is a Bat-like Skeleton. Upon being killed, they appear to explode. If one of these zombies reaches a barricade, it will self-destruct and permanently destroy that barricade; the player will be unable to repair it.