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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Ruger P97
Ruger P97.png
Available at: Rank 9
Cost: $500
Ammo Cost: Free
Damage: 140 (Base)

175 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: None
Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
Weapon Class: Pistol
Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 16 (Base)

32 (w/ High Capacity)

Ruger P97 Stats.png
"A bigger pistol means more unlimited ammo shooting for those quiet moments."
―Staff Sergeant Description

The Ruger P97 is a real-life American, semi-automatic pistol featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.


The Ruger, when unlocked at Rank 9, boasts moderate damage, a decent fire rate, and a fairly large magazine capacity. Simply put, it is a more powerful version of the Glock 17, with the exception of having 1 less round.

However, being better than the Glock 17 isn't exactly a high bar to pass. The Ruger P97 is still largely inferior to the Raging Bull .44, doing just 69% of the Raging Bull's damage. In addition, the Ruger P97 also lacks any piercing ability, compared to the Raging Bull's impressive 4 potential hits from 1 shot. The Ruger P97's only advantage over the Raging Bull's 8 round cylinder is its 16 round magazine. However, since each round from the Raging Bull can potentially hit 3 (4 with AP rounds) zombies with each shot, it has the chance of being able to hit 24 zombies (32 with AP rounds) with one cylinder compared to the Ruger P97's 16.


  • The Ruger P97's lack of penetration may be attributed to the round it's chambered for, as .45 ACP rounds are expanding bullets which are designed to prevent collateral damage caused by over-penetration as well as to maximize stopping power within a target.