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Manufactures Weapons, Armors, Turrets
Design Pattern Blue and smooth plastic appearance
Current CEO David Ronson (as of 3104)
"Ronson is the oldest major weapons manufacturer operating today. They've been able to operate for such a long time due to excellent innovations and a diverse product range (They are the #1 supplier of automated flame turrets in 7 of the 8 star systems in the Trans-System Federation). While conservative in their choice of design materials one only needs to look at the stunning Ronson 55 SMG with it's twin alternating barrels to be convinced they have some pretty dynamic design thinking."
―Official description

Ronson is a manufacturer of weapons that will start appearing in Strongboxes somewhere around Rank 15. All of its weapons are physical, excluding the Ronson WP Flamethrower, the Ronson WPX Incinerator, and the Ronson 70.

In many types of guns, Ronson has the highest damage output in most types of weapons, excluding the Hard Thorn by Rancor and the Critical Mass Sub-Light COM2, one of the few weapons that can outclass any gun made by Ronson.

The Ronson 45 has the highest physical damage of any pistol. The Ronson 55 has a massive RPS of 20, allowing extremely high rates of fire for an SMG, and it is one of two physical SMGs to have a Pierce greater than one, giving it more use in crowd control. The Ronson 65-a outclasses the CM 401 Planet Stormer in Pierce, DPS, and movement penalty, making it better than most other physical assault rifles but is ultimately outclassed by higher-level weapons. The Ronson LBM, while outclassed by other LMGs, has the second highest pierce of all LMGs and also the third highest damage per shot, making it chew through ammo more slowly for the same damage output, as a result making the LBM the most economically viable LMG.

The Ronson WP Flamethrower is the only obtainable flamethrower, though its short range and damage over time dependence makes it risky to use. Ronson's armor is specialized in fire resistance and passive CQC, though it still provides medium resistance against physical damage.

Its overall design is hard-looking shape with light blue color. The RED versions will have white stripes colored red instead. All Ronson weapons are named with "Ronson" as a prefix followed by a two digit number, with the exception of the Ronson WP Flamethrower, Ronson WPX Incinerator and Ronson LBM.



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  • Ronson is also a type of cigarette lighter which makes sense due to the fact that the manufacturer is the only manufacturer to make a Flamethrower and thermal-specialized armors.
  • According to current CEO of name "David Ronson", it appears that the manufacturer's name is based on founder, and the ownership had been passing down the family.
  • Ronson's Devision that makes scientific discoveries towards new weapon/ammunition technologies is called Ronson Munitions

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