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Ranks are a system first introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 2.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2/SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Insane Asylum

Rank In-game Description/Unlock(s)
Private.PNG Private None
02 Corporal.PNG Corporal Red dot sight
03 Sergeant.PNG Sergeant

Radar Scanner

04 Lieutenant.PNG Lieutenant Faster reload
05 Captain.PNG Captain


06 Major.PNG Major

High capacity magazines

07 SAS2 Colonel.png Colonel Sentry gun engineer
08 General.png General

Witness the fitness

SAS: Zombie Assault 3


There are currently 50 ranks in the game, though originally there were only 40. All come with different emblems and unlocks. Some ranks will unlock weapons which will then be available for purchase, while others unlock you skills to make the game a little bit easier. As players progress through the ranks, there will begin to be more rounds per match and the unlocks will gradually increase in quality until the maximum rank is reached.

Standard Ranks

Rank Unlock(s) In-game Description Required XP to reach XP from last level
01 Private.png


Glock 17 Next level gets you something cheap and cheerful, the Skorpion will relieve your weary trigger finger with it's high fire-rate antics. N/A (starting Rank) N/A (starting Rank)
02 Private First Class.png Private First Class Skorpion Next level unlocks the "radar scanner" skill. This gives you a minimap that shows you the location of zombies, allies, and those elusive power up crates. 770 XP 770 XP
03 Bombardier.png Bombardier Next level unlocks the MP5, a stalwart of special forces around the world. Damage isn't massive but what it lacks in sheer power it makes up for in fire rate and mobility. 1,880 XP 1,110 XP
04 Lance Corporal.png Lance Corporal MP5 Next level unlocks the everymans weapon of choice for zombie apocalypse home defense, the Stoeger double barreled shotgun. There's not much more fun than blowing to bits with the old one-two punch. 3,396 XP 1,516 XP
05 Corporal.png Corporal Next level you'll gain the ability to purchase the Glock 20, AA-12 and Browning (premium purchase). 5,396 XP 2,000 XP
06 Specialist.png Specialist Next level you'll unlock the Raging Bull Magnum revolver. The old 9mm Glock is all well and good, but unleash your inner bull, you know you want to. 7,896 XP 2,500 XP
07 Sergeant.png Sergeant Next level gets you access to the most popular assault rifle in the world, and for good reason. The ol' AK47 offers tremendous fully automatic bang for buck. 11,396 XP 3,500 XP
08 Staff Sergeant.png Staff Sergeant AK-47 Next level gains you access to the Ruger P97. A bigger pistol means more unlimited ammo shooting for those quiet moments. 16,096 XP 4,700 XP
09 Sergeant First Class.png Sergeant First Class Next level unlocks the "Laser Sights" skill. This will help your aim and more bullets on target means more soft corpses to walk over. 22,096 XP 6,000 XP
10 Gunnery Sergeant.png Gunnery Sergeant Laser Sights Next level gets you access to some wild west action. Pop those zombies with the winchester lever action shotty. Isn't it nice to have a shotgun that holds more than two rounds? 29,696 XP 7,600 XP
11 Master Sergeant.png Master Sergeant Winchester 9410 Next level unlocks the "Faster Reload SMG's" skill. Now emptying those clips with your submachine guns is even more fun knowing it'll take a jiffy to reload once you're empty. 38,996 XP 9,300 XP
12 Sergeant Major.png Sergeant Major Fast Reload SMGs Next level gets you access to the stalwart burst rifle, the M16. The M16 Assault rifle will put 3 rounds on a dime at 3 inches. What? How big is your monitor then? 51,773


12,777 XP
13 Squad Leader.png Squad Leader Next level gets you access to the Vector. Based on the Kriss super V-system designed to minimise recoil and therefore spread, the Vector gives you all the joy of the Skorpion without the misery of half of your bullets spraying randomly all over the place. 68,439 XP 16,666 XP
14 Warrant Officer.png Warrant Officer Vector Next level gets you access to the Desert Eagle. The ultimate .50 cal pistol. The .50 Action Express round delivers 325 grains of lead coming to your favorite zombie, er, express. 89,439 XP 21,000 XP
15 Chief Warrant Officer.png Chief Warrant Officer Next level unlocks the "Faster Reload Pistols" Skill. Faster reloads makes Jack a happy lad. 114,994 XP 25,555 XP
16 Company Leader.png Company Leader Fast Reload Pistols Next level unlocks the FAL. Semi-automatic goodness isn't for everyone but if the FAL kicks like a mule, imagine what it'd do to the zombies... 146,105 XP 31,111 XP
17 Ensign.png Ensign FAL Next level unlocks the "Faster Reload Shotguns" skill. Less time to load up your shotties has got to be good for you. 191,216 XP 45.111 XP
18 Chief Ensign.png Chief Ensign Fast Reload Shotguns Next level unlocks the SPAS-12. High power and slightly better range. These brutes are banned from private import, but since your're SAS they made an exception. 252,916 XP 61,700 XP
19 Platoon Commander.png Platoon Commander SPAS-12 Next level you'll gain the ability to purchase the M41-A Grendel, the Flamethrower, and the JKH .887 CAW (premium purchase). 333,724 XP 80,808 XP
20 2nd Lieutenant.png 2nd Lieutenant Next level unlocks the "Faster Reload Assault Rifles" skill. More bullets down range faster = more killin' power. 435,724 XP 102,000 XP
21 1st Lieutenant.png 1st Lieutenant
  • Fast Reload Assault Rifles
  • Bren (mobile version only)
Next level unlocks access to the Bren. Zombie death in the form of 25lb of bone shaking steel. 562,724 XP 127,000 XP
22 Captain.png Captain
  • Bren
  • 8 Waves per Single Player game
  • SCAR-H (mobile version only)
Next level gives you access to the SCAR. A more modern take on the AK47. More power, less kick. 719,390 XP 156,666 XP
23 Major.png Major
  • SCAR-H
  • Fitness (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the "Fitness" skill. Being super-fit has it's advantages. Moving faster when fighting zombies is important. 909,390 XP 190,000 XP
24 Squadron Leader.png Squadron Leader
  • Fitness
  • MP7 (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the MP7. Rifle rounds from a submachine gun? Think fire rate + and armor penetrating goodness. 1,134,615 XP 225,225 XP
25 Battalion Commander.png Battalion Commander Next level gets you access to the Barrett REC7. Reliability Enhanced Awesome. Wait, that's REA. The REC7 is another take on the M4 carbine, the result being more reliable, more powerful, and ultimately more useful. 1,398,879 XP 264,264 XP
26 Lieutenant Colonel.png Lieutenant Colonel
  • REC7
  • Recovery (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the "recovery" skill. Reduce your down time by 25% with this regenerative concoction. Less time down is more time making merry and earning XP. 1,769,185 XP 370,306 XP
27 Colonel.png Colonel
  • Recovery
  • RPD (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the RPD. Slightly less clunky than the Bren, the RPD holds plenty of ammo in it's drum magazine and each one of those should be able to blow sizeable bits off most zombies. 2,069,185 XP 300,000 XP
28 Brigadier.png Brigadier Next level gets you access to the AUG PARA. More commonly know in it's light machine gun format, the sub machine gun version is smaller, lighter but still packs a hefty wallop. 2,495,851 XP 426,666 XP
29 Brigadier General.png Brigadier General
  • Fast Reload LMGs (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the "Faster Reload LMGs" skill. Beefy Damage plus high fire rate and now faster reloads? Bring it on oh you hideous festering flesh. 2,989,851 XP 494,000 XP
30 Marshall.png Marshall [sic]
  • Faster Reload LMGs
  • 9 Waves per Single Player game
  • M1014 (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the M1014. Bang. Bang-Bang. Bang-Bang-Bang. Any way you cut it, semi-automatic shotgun has to be the best way to bring the close encounter of shotguns into the 21st century. 3,556,790 XP 566,939 XP
31 Chief Marshall.png Chief Marshall [sic] Next level gets you access to the SAW. Still the backbone support weapon for most infantry squads and for good reason. More, bigger bullets on target in less time with less fuss. 4,200,182 XP 643,392 XP
32 SAS3mobile Rank32.png Major General Next level unlocks the Nitro Express .600. This is the most retardedly powerful handgun in the world. The bullet itself is three times heavier than that of the Desert Eagle, and it leaves the gun at nearly twice the speed. Better brace that arm boy, this thing is almost as likely to rip you to pieces as the zombies you're pointing at. 4,935,000 XP 734,818 XP
33 SAS3mobile Rank33.png Lieutenant General Next level gets you access Armor Piercing rounds. What's better than killing a zombie? Killing two or more with one shot. Nuff said. 5,768,000 XP 833,000 XP
34 SAS3mobile Rank34.png Corporate General
  • AP Rounds
  • ARX160 (mobile version only)
Next level you'll be able to get your hands on the latest high tech assault rifle from Beretta. Power plus good mobility for the win. 6,703,626 XP 935,626 XP
35 SAS3mobile Rank35.png General Next level unlocks the MG4, state of the art light machine gun. This will skeletonize a cow in less time than a pack of underfed piranhas. 7,747,626 XP 1,044,000 XP
36 SAS3mobile Rank36.png 2 Star General
  • MG4
  • On Target (mobile version only)
Next level unlocks the "On Target" skill. This reduces the spread on all your weapons, killing more and saving you money to boot. 8,906,626 XP 1,159,000 XP
37 SAS3mobile Rank37.png 3 Star General
  • On Target
  • M240 (mobile version only)
Next level gets you access to the M240. Big grunty light machine gun for total zombie domination. 10,195,514 XP 1,288,888 XP
38 SAS3mobile Rank38.png 4 Star General
  • M240 MAG
  • 11 Waves per Single Player game
  • Hi-cap Magazines (mobile version only)
Next level you'll unlock the "High-Cap Mags" skill. Somehow you'll find a way to cram even more bullets into these already well fed guns. Twice as much ammo in each gun to be precise. 11,619,756 XP 1,424,242 XP
39 SAS3mobile Rank39.png 5 Star General
  • Hi-cap magazines
  • MGL-140 (mobile version only)
Once you are promoted, you'll have earned the right to buy an MGL-140 6-shot semiautomatic grenade launcher. Try it sir... I think you'll enjoy it. Yeah. Oh yeah. 13,185,412 XP 1,565,656 XP
40 SAS3mobile Rank40.png Commander After a short spool-up you'll be astonished at how quickly this beast shreds the Zombies. "Is that a Minigun in your pocket? Or..." 14,902,583 XP 1,717,171 XP

Elite Ranks

Rank Unlock(s) In-game Description Required Elite XP to reach
41 SAS3mobile Rank41.png Elite I M134 Notice how Nightmare mode is quite hard? Double your health with the Highlander skill for better chances at surviving. 222,222 Elite XP
42 SAS3mobile Rank42.png Elite II Highlander (2x health) Updated, semi-auto version of the Marklin Hunting Rifle. 16mm of unstoppable brutality. Like shooting bricks! 555,555 Elite XP
43 SAS3mobile Rank43.png Elite III Mk II For homie decoration the MAC 10 is second only to spraypaint. This choice bit of kit is special particularly because we're calling it a pistol. As in free ammo baby. 999,999 Elite XP
44 SAS3mobile Rank44.png Elite IV
  • MAC-10
  • Red Devastators begin to appear (mobile version)
The Zombie Combat Systems Seizure. 1800 RPM recoiless SMG. An almost pocket-sized baby brother of a Minigun. 1,555,554 Elite XP
45 SAS3mobile Rank45.png Elite V Finally, no more bumbling about with Flamethrower bottles, CAW energy packs or grenades. Reload those specials at pace. 2,222,220 Elite XP
46 SAS3mobile Rank46.png Elite VI Faster Reload Specials Unlock access to the truly, and I mean truly savage SCIMTR. Semi-auto shotgun firing mini winged blades loaded up with gaseous explosion inducing biotoxin. Excellent. 2,999,997 Elite XP
47 SAS3mobile Rank47.png Elite VII SCIMTR Ever seen someone do a sub-10 second 100 metre sprint while carrying a 50 cal MG? Neither have I but this will bring you a couple steps closer. 3,888,885 Elite XP
48 SAS3mobile Rank48.png Elite VIII

Speed Boost (2X Speed)

Unlock access to the Zombie Combat Systems Wipeout. This causes massive pain on impact, followed by even more massive pain as your insides catch on fire and burn at more than 2500 degrees. 4,888,884 Elite XP
49 SAS3mobile Rank49.png Elite IX Wipeout Ever wanted to stand out? I know that wearing black camo in a night setting mightn't be the obvious choice but not many people will make it this far so enjoy your new all-black SAS. 6,123,451 Elite XP
50 SAS3mobile Rank50.png Elite X Black Death (Max Rank) Max Rank. On the mobile version, you can apply a Phoenix badge on any of your guns by purchasing it the premium store for 600 SAS Bucks or $5.99. 7,941,632 Elite XP

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

The screen that appears when a player achieves rank 30 in SAS4.

In SAS 4, the player achieves a different rank name every five levels, and is rewarded a skill point every level.

ZA4 Ranks.gif


Level Total XP Required XP Since Last Level Required Assault Title Medic Title Heavy Title
1 0 0 Private
2 1071 1071
3 2359 1288
4 4014 1655
5 6190 2176 Junior Rifleman First Aid Medic Squad Gunner
6 9045 2855
7 12741 3696
8 17445 4704
9 23328 5883
10 30565 7237 Sergeant Junior Medic Heavy Trooper
11 39335 8770
12 49821 10486
13 62211 12390
14 76697 14486
15 93475 16778 Senior Rifleman Corporal Medic Grenadier
16 112745 19270
17 134711 21966
18 159582 24871
19 187571 27989
20 218895 31324 Assault Scout Field Medic Bombardier
21 253775 34880
22 292436 38661
23 335108 42672
24 382025 46917
25 433425 51400 Assault Raider Senior Field Medic Master at Arms
26 489550 56125
27 580695 91145
28 679673 98978
29 786866 107193
30 902663 115797 Assault Leader Field Surgeon Guardian
31 1027458 124795
32 1161653 134195
33 1305655 144002
34 1459877 154222
35 1624740 164863 Assault Ranger Combat Medic Federal Guard
36 1800670 175930
37 1988100 187430
38 2187468 199368
39 2399220 211752
40 2623807 224587 Assault Officer Advanced Combat Medic Heavy Gunner
41 2861687 237880
42 3113324 251637
43 3379189 265865
44 3659758 280569
45 3955514 295756 Lieutenant Medic Lieutenant Lieutenant Gunner
46 4266947 311433
47 4594552 327605
48 4938831 344279
49 5300292 361461
50 5679450 379158 Captain Medic Captain Deputy Chief
51 6076825 397375
52 6492945 416120
53 6928343 435398
54 7383558 455215
55 7859137 475579 Special Assault Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer Assistant Chief
56 8355632 496495
57 8873602 517970
58 9413611 540009
59 9976231 562620
60 10562039 585808 Special Assault Squad Leader Chief Field Surgeon Battalion Chief
61 11171619 609580
62 12016542 844923
63 12894743 878201
64 13807025 912282
65 14754201 947176 Platoon Leader Platoon Medic Enforcer
66 15737091 982890
67 16756524 1019433
68 17813337 1056813
69 18908375 1095038
70 20042493 1134118 SAS Advanced Assault SAS Advanced Medic Senior Heavy Gunner
71 21216553 1174060
72 22431426 1214873
73 23687991 1256565
74 24987135 1299144
75 26329755 1342620 Major Medic Major Major Gunner
76 27716755 1387000
77 29149048 1432293
78 30627555 1478507
79 32153205 1525650
80 33726937 1573732 Vice Commander Medic Marshal Gunnery Chief
81 35349697 1622760
82 37022440 1672743
83 38746129 1723689
84 40521735 1775606
85 42350239 1828504 Assault Commander Medical Commander Battery Commander
86 44232629 1882390
87 46169902 1937273
88 48163063 1993161
89 50213125 2050062
90 52321111 2107986 General Medic General Warden
91 54488051 2166940
92 57827950 3339899
93 61259409 3431459
94 64784012 3524603
95 68403354 3619342 Senior Assault Commander Executive Medic Executive Enforcer
96 72119044 3715690
97 75932703 3813659
98 79845965 3913262
99 83860477 4014512
100 87977897 4117420 High Assault Commander High Surgeon Commander High Gunnery Commander

XP from last level to Level chart

Total XP to Level chart

Linearized; XP from last level to Level2

Linearized; Total XP to Level3


Main article: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Skills

Each class in SAS 4 has their own unique skills, along with a set of skills all classes have. Players are rewarded 1 skill point every time they level up, in addition to a single Strongbox (to a maximum of Neodymium).


  • In SAS 3, the ranks of "Marshall" and "Chief Marshall" are misspelled (there is only one "l" in the word "marshal," not two).
  • Despite the S.A.S. being a British Army regiment, all the ranks used in SAS 2/Insane Asylum and SAS 3 are those of the United States Army, with a few exceptions apparently invented by the game's creators.
    • These fictional ranks include: "Bombardier;" "Chief Ensign;" "Battalion Commander;" and "Corporate General."
    • Additionally, the rank of "Chief Marshall" [sic] is of Russian origin.
    • The only rank in SAS 3 originating from the British military is the "Squadron Leader" rank, which, in turn, is used by the RAF and not S.A.S.
  • In SAS 3, the rank of "Marshall" [sic] is ranked lower than it would be in real life, as it is equivalent - and, since both are used in-game, redundant - to the rank of "5 Star General."
    • Likewise, the rank of "Commander" is ranked significantly higher than it would be in real life, unless "Commander" is short for "Commander-in-chief," in which case it would also be redundant to the rank of "5 Star General."