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- Rancor -
Manufactures Weapons
Design Pattern Maroon color, numerous spikes, and skull logos.
"Not surprisingly, the founders of Rancor aren't terribly nice people. Their slogan is "Hold hate in your hands". Rancor is a boutique weapons and ammunition manufacturer that go out of their way to contravene every war crimes convention, protocol and idea of humane killing. Their weapons are designed to burn, chemically disrupt and shred flesh and they make no apologies for it."
―Official Description

Rancor is a manufacturer in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It makes very unique and, when used effectively, powerful weapons like the Hard Thorn and Stripper.

It is one of two industries to make Chemicalico.pngChemical weapons: the Poison Claw, Stripper, Contagion (mobile-exclusive) and the Vitriol, the other being Critical Mass with its X1 Furie (although Rubicon has made a partially chemical weapon: the RIA Trident). Besides the Hard Thorn, Poison Claw, and Stripper, there is the Mixmaster, which is an Energyico.pngEnergy assault rifle with low fire rate and the ability to shoot two bolts at a time, the Shredder, which fires discs that bounce off walls, the Rancor Hotspot, which shoots a laser that mows down groups and bosses, and the Heartburn, an early level assault rifle that firesThermalico.pngThermal bullets to burn down zombies.

The Stripper and Poison Claw are very good weapons late game in their [RED] Version versions as having DoT ability, while the Hard Thorn and Mixmaster are adept at clearing mobs. The [RED] Version versions of Rancor weapons will have the white skull lit up bright red and also have bright red dots on the gun as well, particularly on the "handguard". The [BLACK] Version versions of Rancor weapons have the same skull and dots lit up, except they glow white, and the skull has two half-circle borders around it.

This company is apparently next in line to have its own Championship gun, the Rancor Sadeye.


Assault Rifles




Rocket Launchers

Disc Throwers

Other Weapons


  • The name "Rancor" is sometimes confused as Rankor due to the C looking like a K next to the N in the company logo.
    • Also, "Rancor" is the modern way of saying Rancour, which in Shakespearean language means bitterness or resentment.
  • Rancor is the only weapons company to have weapons in all four damage categories (excluding the use of premium guns), and in the disc thrower class.
  • Rancor used to be one of the only companies (another company is Teknoboom) that do not have a weapon in the LMG category until the introduction of Contagion LMG (mobile exclusive), thus making the latter the only company without any weapon for LMG category.
  • Most rancor weapons are unrealistic to hold as they have spikes, and sometimes include only acid inside the magazine. It's probably that the gloves that players equip prevent potential injury from the weapons.
  • Some Rancor weapons have blood on the spikes and and blade, excluding the Mixmaster, Ricochet and Hotspot.