SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- RIA 50 -

RIA 50

RIA 50 -RED-


RIA 50 Mobile 0194

RIA 50 -RED- (Mobile)

BLACK RIA 50 Mobile 0195

Manufacturer [?] Rubicon Industries
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ 160 for 60
$$$ 1,600 for 60 RED
$$$ 1,920 for 60 Selection 004

$$$ 640 for 60
$$$ 6,400 for 60 RED
$$$ 7,680 for 60 Selection 004(Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 750
1,500 RED
2,250 Selection 004
Pierce 3
Rate of Fire 4 rps
Capacity 5
10 RED & Selection 004
Reload Time 2.5 sec
Movement -25%
Firing Mode Full-Auto
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Approx. Drop Level 5
31 RED & Selection 004
Single DPS [?] 3,000
6,000 RED
9,000 Selection 004
Pierce DPS [?] 9,000
18,000 RED
27,000 Selection 004
Augmented DPS [?] 12,000
24,000 RED
36,000 Selection 004
Crafting Cost [?] $$$ 196,480
$$$ 993,480 RED
$$$ 4,967,400 Selection 004

Alloy 392
Alloy 12,418 RED
Alloy 149,022 Selection 004

"Standard issue for sniper teams. RIA 50 is engineered for fast and clean kills."
―Official Description

The RIA 50 is a precise, heavy-shot sniper rifle in SAS: Zombie Assault 4.


With a moderate rate of fire, it is generally used to slice through weak groups of zombies at range. It is found pretty early in the game and is easily the weakest, but most common, sniper rifle. It deals a solid 750 damage with 3 pierce, killing many, if not all, non-boss zombies early-mid game with 1-3 shots, as long as they are not Shielders or physical resistant.

It appears to be a downgrade of the Sub-Light COM2 in every aspect except the reload time.

The RIA 50 is a fairly common sniper rifle, being rather easy to get with many augment slots compared to other sniper rifles, and is not bad at all for early-mid game.

It could be a late-game choice if you don't have access to a Sub-Light COM2 or Hornet.


The RIA 50 is appears to be a futuristic sniper rifle based on the Sako TRG-42 with a Muzzle Break fitted. However, the RIA 50 does not have a bolt like its possible real-life counterpart, most likely due to the fact that the rifle is fully automatic

Difference on Mobile:

RIA 50 on Mobile has a larger barrel.


  • For all its faults, this weapon comes with one nifty little advantage over the other snipers; its early game availability allows the player to start the sniper masteries early, and when they find a Hornet or HIKS S300, they will already have many of the powerful buffs of the sniper masteries.
  • Ever since the 9/23/2015 Patch, both the RIA 50 and the RIA 30 Strikeforce were made full auto and their fire rates were doubled, and as such, There are no longer any semi-auto weapons that can be overclocked normally.
  • Recently, as of 9/30/2015, both the RIA 50 and Strikeforce were nerfed back to the stats before 9/23/2015.
  • As of 10/5/2015, the previous nerf was reverted back to 9/23/2015's patch.
  • The RED version from the mobile has more red painting than the PC.

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