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RED Versions of weapons, armor pieces, turrets, and grenades are upgraded versions of their normal counterparts introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4.

RED weapons are commonly found at later levels, and every weapon in the game, except for Z-Arm Tech weapons, has a corresponding version which may be found in Strongboxes. Compared to their regular counterparts, they have overall increased stats. They have increased damage and may also have increased damage over time, clip size, or pierce. Ammo for them costs ten times as much as ammo for regular weapons, or in the case of all physical damage pistols, $300 for 200 (the game assumes PhysicalicoPhysical pistol ammunition costs $30 for 200). Augmenting them is also notably more expensive.

RED armor has increased defense stats for all damage types, and may have other increased stats. For instance, a Rubicon Power Assist has a +18% movement modifier compared to the +10% of the regular Power Assist. Like RED weapons, augmenting RED armor is much more expensive than augmenting regular armor. Both weapons and armor have a maximum selling price of $10,000, compared to the $4,000 limit on regular gear.

All RED turrets have massively increased damage, and some may have increased clip size, while grenades simply have increased damage. All acquired turrets and grenades automatically become RED once level 30 is reached.

A new Selection 004 version has been added into the PC version of SAS: Zombie Assault 4 as of the update on February 3, 2015.


  • Despite the regular versions having no specified name, some players refer to them as their "blue" versions due to the fact that most of the non-RED energy weapons have a blue glow where the red one would be. This can be seen on most Shotlite weapons and the Rubicon Power Assist before its texture update.
  • The symbol for RED versions appears to be 2 red chevrons pointing upward; this seems to be the most prominent in Shotlite equipment & several armors.

Wiki Usage

In the wiki when describing a weapon for example, to use the RED template type in {RED}. (There are two of the { on either side). Example of a situation using the template:

"I just got a 10*** RED Mixmaster! Should I aug bio or overclocked?"

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