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The PP19 Bizon is a Premium sub-machine gun featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

It is based on the real life PP19 Bizon.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
PP19 Bizon
Premium Weapon
PP19 Bizon- Marketing.png
Available at: Rank 1
Premium Cost: 20 NK Coins
$0.99 (iOS)
Ammo Cost: $25 per 250 rounds
Damage: 300 (Base)

375 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 3
4 with AP Rounds
Rate of Fire: 3 rounds/sec
180 rounds/min
Firing Mode: Fully Automatic
Weapon Class: Submachine Gun
Capacity: 70 (Base)

140 (w/ High Capacity)

PP19 Bizon stats.png

The PP19 Bizon costs 20 NK coins ($0.99 on the iOS/Android version and formerly 1,200 Mochi Coins), and is unlocked at the beginning of the game. Ammunition for this gun costs $25 for 250 rounds. It's the best SMG in the normal Ranks (40 and down). A completely different class and one of the best guns on the game, and with a price tag of just 20 NK Coins and cheap ammo, it's a very tempting buy. The fire rate is slightly faster than the Vector, despite the misleading stat-bar, but it still beats every other Normal Rank unlocked SMG. This weapon beats most assault rifles, and even some machine guns. Its down fall is its rate of fire. Don't get fooled by the rate of fire bar. It's not true, but if it was it would be an epic SMG. But at least it has 2 pierce! This gun has the same fire rate and damage as the SAW, but with higher mobility, a much faster reload. This would make a very great gun for those players who are ranked 1-34! On the iOS version, the PP-19 Bizon can be upgraded to increase it's fire rate which may help.


  • Even though the PP19 Bizon has a silencer on the picture, it still makes some loud noises when fired.