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"Help Morlok reclaim the gas extraction platform on the gas giant Omicron."
―Official Description

Omicron is a planet in SAS4's Faction Warfare update. It is a Gas planet, and the only source for Omicron Credits. Zombies living on Omicron have 20% extra speed than normal due to adapting to the gassy and less dense environment of Omicron.


Faction Warfare Items

You can buy the following Faction Warfare items with Omicron Tokens:



Overwatch Helmet

Overwatch Chest

Overwatch Gloves

Overwatch Pants

Overwatch Boots


  • The art for Omicron shows a blue planet in its background. That planet is the planet Xi, again implying that Xi is possibly a moon for Omicron.
  • Planet Omicron is named after Greek letter Omicron (Ο/ο). [1]
    • Omicron is also the name of a Covid-19 variant that was first detected in November 24th, 2021.