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Ninja Kiwi, also known as Kaiparasoft Limited, is a gaming company based in the city of of Auckland, New Zealand. "NK", as it is often called, focuses primarily on creating free Flash Games on the internet, notably the SAS: Zombie Assault and Bloons series of games.


Ninja Kiwi was first founded in 2006 by the brothers Chris and Stephen Harris in Auckland, New Zealand. They began developing flash games in a spare bedroom with both brothers working part time.

In 2007, they released one of their earliest popular games, Bloons, the predecessor to the many other games in the Bloons series. In 2008, they released the first game in a new popular game series, SAS: Zombie Assault.

The company is still based in Auckland, New Zealand, and currently employs 15 people working full time.

SAS: Zombie Assault Series

The following is a complete list of publications by Ninja Kiwi as a part of the SAS: Zombie Assault series.


The founders of Ninjakiwi of New Zealand are Chris and Stephen Harris. NK currently employs 15 people. Often times, the staff will be seen interacting with users on their community message boards and blogs. Here is a list of some of the staff by their online aliases:

  • Chris Harris
  • Stephen Harris
  • Jonathan
  • Aaron
  • Libertebelle
  • Catt
  • Matt
  • Lachlan
  • Bottleopener
  • Logan
  • Richard Ninjakiwi
  • Scott Ninjakiwi
  • Tosh
  • NK_Nutter
  • Spool
  • Eliket
  • Sam NK (who is mostly on mobile version of SAS 4)
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