SAS Zombie Assault Wiki
"Spawn of Necrosis come in 3 aspects, each with high resistance to a damage type, physical, chemical or thermal"
―Official Description

Necrosis Spawns appear when a Necrosis is killed. They aren't as deadly as the Necrosis individually, but are dangerous when all are together. Each one has a different type of ability and is deadly in its own ways. The spawns include and are limited to:

  • The Physical Spawn is moderately resistant to Physical attacks, and possesses Teleportion abilities to reach players before they can run to get distance. This arguably makes it the deadliest of the three spawns and is extremely frustrating if it is not removed quickly. If not killed quickly enough, the Blue Spawn will take players down one by one, resulting in a mission failure. Note, however, that there is a very short delay between the teleport animation and the actual teleport and subsequent attack.
  • The Thermal Spawn is highly resistant to Thermal attacks, and leaves an extremely deadly trail of fire wherever it walks, which could be an instant kill for players with low thermal defense. Although it presents a mobility hazard, it is arguably the least worrisome of the three aspects if the players were to watch their feet. However, the hitbox of the fire trail is much larger than the actual animation, so caution is advised. The Red Spawn, like the other Necrosis Spawns, has a melee attack, but the red Spawn's melee attack is like that of a zombie with Fiery Skin, setting the player on fire on contact.
  • The Toxic Spawn is highly resistant to Chemical attacks. It shoots acid frequently and can inflict heavy acidic damage with its swipes. Its acid shooting works much like spitter acid.