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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Available at: Rank 44
Cost: $250,000
Ammo Cost: Free
Damage: 250 (Base)

312 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 1
2 with AP rounds
Rate of Fire: 16 rounds/sec
960 rounds/minute
Firing Mode: Fully Automatic
Weapon Class: Automatic Pistol
Caliber: .45 ACP
9×19mm Parabellum
Capacity: 50 (Base)

100 (w/ High Capacity)

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"For homie decoration the MAC 10 is second only to spraypaint. This choice bit of kit is special particularly because we're calling it a pistol. As in free ammo baby."
―Elite III Description

The MAC-10 is an automatic pistol featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

It is based on the real life MAC-10.


The MAC-10 is unlocked at Rank 44. It costs $250,000. It pierces 1 zombie (2 with the AP rounds skill). Arguably one of the best weapons in the game, the MAC-10 has excellent damage (for a pistol), high mobility, unlimited ammo, a good clip size (100 with high-cap magazines), as well as a relatively quick reload. The MAC-10, however, is occasionally a letdown in the eyes of some players, due to it not being as powerful as an LMG, nor having the massive clip size of one, though it has infinite ammo, a much faster reload, and higher mobility than one. It is one of the last weapons unlocked (Rank 44). With a very high fire rate of 16 rounds per second, it outranks the Glock 20 and every single SMG (except the Minebea M-9 and ZCS Seizure). The rate of fire, damage, and pierce makes this weapon chew through crowds of swarmers and sprinters in seconds. Worth every dollar as a terrific sidearm. The MAC-10 has the same cost as the ARX160 and the M240 MAG, but is not as powerful as those guns.


Clear out small targets in no time with only a slight chance of missing, making it reliable to prevent damage. Also, this gun can be used to escape a deadly trap. It can stun zombies very fast when they hit their target, which is your chance to escape with high mobility. Good at LINES of zombies, NOT ROWS, because it lacks in pierce and has low damage. It can focus on 2 strong zombies, however, faster than the Nitro Express .600, depending on your rate of fire.



SAS Zombie Assault 3 MAC-10 Gameplay