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The M240 MAG is an automatic LMG in SAS: Zombie Assault and SAS: Zombie Assault 3.

It is based on the real life M240 machine gun.

SAS: Zombie Assault

SAS: Zombie Assault Weapon
M240 MAG
MAG machine gun.png
Cost: $1,800
Reload Cost: $180
Damage: High
Rate of Fire: High
Capacity: 500
Firing Mode: Gas-operated, open bolt

It can be bought for $1,800, and reloads cost $180. It is the last gun in the game. It boasts high damage, a high rate of fire and a very high ammo capacity.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3


It is unlocked at Rank 38. It costs $250,000; ammo is $750 for 250 rounds. A pretty good gun in the game. It has ok mobility and good accuracy. Almost identical to the RPD stat wise, just with higher damage. At 350, the damage is identical to that of the FAL's. This gun has the same cost as the ARX160. This gun is great especially when you have the high capacity magazines which will be unlocked in the next rank (rank 39) which means it will have 400 clip. The sound of it when you fire is really cool and powerful (the same as the Bren's sound but this gun just shoots faster).