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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Zombie Type
- Loaderbot -
First Appearance: Rank 9, 98
Zombie Type: Major Bosses
Base HP: 20,000
Turn Rate: 80°/sec
Melee Damage: 1,500
Melee Delay: 2 seconds
Melee Range: 1.5m
Resistances: 50% Physicalico.pngPhysical
20% Thermalico.pngThermal
20% Energyico.pngEnergy
Savage form
60% Physicalico.pngPhysical
30% Thermalico.pngThermal
30% Energyico.pngEnergy
Movement Speed: 3.6m/second
XP Value: 1,100
Additional Stats
- stops moving for 2 seconds(the melee delay) when attacking
- only appears in Power Out
"A large remote-controlled lifting robot used for moving cargo around. Infected Combot can direct them to efficiently attack humans if necessary"
―Official Description

Loaderbots are bosses in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Originally designed to lift boxes, they have been infected by Combot to attack the player(s). They are exclusive to the 6th mission, Power Out. They are disabled at the beginning of the mission, but Combot activates them after you repair all four power switches. As Loaderbots are the fastest non-elite boss in the game, it is advisable to get boxes in their way, as they will stop to destroy them. Chemical weapons (especially the Stripper) are recommended for use against Loaderbots as they resist all three of the other damage types.

Loaderbots deal a very high amount of damage for a low-level boss, making it advisable to destroy them at as long a range as possible. In-game, the player receives a warning stating that they will smash the player "into jam if they get close".

An easy way to defeat a single Loaderbot is to lure it into a "ring-around-the-rosy" tactic in the first room. The player simply gets chased by it, but does not allow it to catch the player. The player keeps his distance and shoots the Loaderbot until it is dead. However, if armed with a strong enough weapon, a single Loaderbot can be shot while retreating into a corridor. The bottom corridor is the best place to go if this strategy is to be used: the large room to the bottom right is big enough for the player to escape being hit if the Loaderbot attempts to trap the player.

If there are multiple Loaderbots, it is advisable to lure all of them into a big clump, then let them chase the player in the central room.

In mobile, another viable tactic is to keep shooting while moving at the same time. At this rate, the Loaderbot can't hit the player, since Loaderbots stop moving before they attack, and by the time they swing their attack, the player has moved out of attack range.


  • A popular way to defeat Loaderbots used to be going to the secret room in the bottom-left of the map, as the Loaderbots couldn't fit into the room. This allowed players to easily defeat them from within the room without risk of being hit until Ninja Kiwi fixed this exploit in an update.
  • The aforementioned tip is now invalid as of December 2nd, 2017.
  • The Loaderbot may be a reference to the Power Loader exoskeleton from the film Aliens, which the protagonist, Ellen Ripley, used to kill the Alien queen.