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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Map
Mission Description:
The trail of bodies leads to the nearby village. Villagers fled to a gypsy camp outside of town. Secure the camp and get ready to hit the village.
Karnivale Map.png

The Karnivale is the third map unlocked in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. Apparently it is a gypsy camp somewhere near the vicinity of the village.


The map is a large square and resembles a cheap amusement park. Blood scatters the map as do many broken-down tents and structures that resemble housing.


Though the map is large, it's lacking in maneuverability due to the many broken structures scattered around. Many parts of the map can easily corner the player, such as the remains of a Ferris wheel in the top-right portion of the map, a single exit tent underneath it, and the edges of a tent in the top-left portion of the map. Because of this, the map can be difficult to inexperienced players, especially when higher-level zombies such as the Devastator begin to appear. It is recommended to stick closer to the southern and middle portions of the map, and force zombies into a circle when they begin breaking in.

All types of weapons are effective in this map. Assault rifles are good bread 'n butter weapons, but are most effective when zombies are far away. SMGs and pistols have great use in quickly avoiding zombies while traveling through the more cramped spaces of the map, and shotguns and machine guns are better for mowing down zombies when the player becomes trapped in a corner and needs to fend off zombies before they get too close.

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