SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- Handkanone -
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Manufacturer [?] Teknoboom
Ammo Cost [?] $$$ Free for 200

$$$ 120 for 200 (Premium Ammo)

Damage/Pellet 1,400
Pierce 10
Blast Radius 1.6 m
Rate of Fire 2
Capacity 1
Reload Time 1.7 sec
Movement -10%
Firing Mode Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Pistol
Damage Type PhysicalicoPhysical
Approx. Drop Level 20 Prem
Single DPS [?] 2,800
Pierce DPS [?] 28,000
Augmented DPS [?] 5,600
Ammo Used [?] Standard Pistol Ammo
"Teknoboom produced a limited run of what some call 'a ridiculous little gun' that can be held like a sidearm but deal damage like a fully sized grenade launcher."
―Official Description

The Handkanone is a Prem pistol manufactured by Teknoboom in SAS: Zombie Assault 4.

The Handkanone is a dedicated crowd-control sidearm that fires a single, very powerful rocket. It offers tremendous damage for a pistol (with its damage-per-shot only exceeded by a few of the Selection 004 pistols) and deals this damage over a moderate area.

However, this high damage comes at the expense of many drawbacks. The Handkanone is by far the heaviest pistol in the game, with a weight comparable to the Tempest shotgun, and only has a single-shot clip with slow re-fire rate, which gives it much clumsier handling than its compatriot pistols.

The Handkanone's nature allows one to experiment somewhat with augmentations, but in serious usage general guidelines remain. Deadly and Race Modded are always viable options, as is Adaptive.

As with all Prem weapons in SAS 4, the Handkanone offers two permanent additional inventory slots and 50% more experience, both Mastery and standard, when enemies are killed with it. Augmentation and resetting of augmentations are also completely free of charge. It costs 80 NK Coins to buy. It also happens to be the only non-rocket launcher weapon manufactured by Teknoboom, though it still fires explosives.


  • The Handkanone's name translates to "hand cannon", a term often used to describe particularly large and powerful handguns, such as Desert Eagle .50.
  • The Handkanone cannot be augmented with capacity nor overclocked (semi-auto). However, the level 3 pistol mastery will still add one rocket to the Handkanone, resulting in a capacity of 2.
  • Though semi-auto, the Handkanone was initially said to be full-auto in the purchase screen.
  • The Handkonone is the only Prem weapon that is a pistol

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