HVM Kevlar set

RED Kevlar set

BLACK Kevlar set

"Standard issue special forces 4th Millenium [armor piece]."
―Official description

The HVM Kevlar Series is the first series of armors the player will see. From the beginning of the game, players of all classes will have HVM Kevlar Vest with no augment capability as the only armor piece simply to add some defense. This is also the series the player will encounter first as RED and Selection 004 version. It's the weakest armor set. It provides some physical resistance & a little heat resistance & no toxic resistance until players get RED & BLACK versions, which add toxic resistance alongside higher physical & heat resistance.

Armor parts & Design

This set of armor has a standard, futuristic design for troopers. The color scheme seems to based off that of real-life modern-day troopers.

HVM Kevlar Helmet

It looks like a real-life modern-day US army's helmet. It has some damage-like marks on it. It has a red visor/goggle with a mask that completely cover the trooper face.

HVM Kevlar Vest

It looks like a police body vest with some decent-thick plates.

HVM Kevlar Gloves

They are a pair of fingerless tactical gloves.

HVM Kevlar Pants

They are military pants with knee pads and thigh plates for protection.

HVM Combat Boots

They are a pair of combat boots that are pretty close to their real-life counterparts.


Despite being the weakest armor by far, the Selection 004 HVM Kevlar set outclasses the RED Rubicon Hardplate set.

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