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"Made from carbon nanotube fibres for flexibiltiy and strength."
―Official Description

HVM Carbon Fibre is the second armor set made by HVM. It's a near-advanced version of the other HVM armor as having much better physical, heat, chemical resistances but slightly slowing down players' movement due to HVM Carbon Fibre Vest (only Standard version). Good for early levels, the [RED] Version version is a decent armor set for mid-game.

Armor parts & Design 

HVM Carbon Fibre Helmet

Compared with the Kevlar one, Carbon Fibre Helmet looks more improved, more sturdy (thought it still have some damage marks). It has a clear visor/goggle. Unlike Kevlar one, this helmet seems to completely cover the entire faces of troopers. Interestingly, it looks slightly like a Spartan helmet from the Halo series.

HVM Carbon Fibre Vest

HVM Carbon Fibre Gloves

HVM Carbon Fibre Pants

HVM Carbon Fibre Boots


When the player wears the full set, these are the base stats they have:

Physicalico.pngPhysical Thermalico.pngThermal Chemicalico.pngChemical
Standard 295 121 79
[RED] Version 885 355 245
[BLACK] Version 3155 1565 1235


  • "Flexibility" is spelled "flexibiltiy" in the official description, which is incorrect.