SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Manufacturer
- High Value Metrics -


HVM mobile

Manufactures Weapons and Armors
Design Pattern Green and light brown digital pattern camo panels ontop of very dark gray internals
"Previously known as "High Value Metrics", HVM was a company formed to identify and exploit high profit industries and its manufacturing reach is broad. Weapons and armour now represent the vast majority of its highly profitable business although it has faced several lawsuits (all withdrawn before reaching trial dates) relating to its business practices. HVM is the largest and least innovative arms manufacturer in the Trans-System."
―Official description

HVM (A.K.A. High Value Metrics), provides the first weapons obtainable by the player. Your default gear will include the HVM 001 and HVM Kevlar Vest. All HVM weapons deal physical damage, and their armors are very weak (with the exception of BLACK Version HVM armor, which is stronger than RED Version Hardplate). You'll probably stop using HVM (excluding RED versions) by level 30 due to its weak starter stats. It is also among the first companies you'll see in RED versions. HVM Machine Gun Sentry will be automatically upgraded into RED version when players reach level 30.

HVM weapons bear a light green digital camouflage with certain sections, such as the grip, painted with a metallic grey. The RED versions have red stripes added over the default paint scheme. On Mobile platform, HVM weapons don't have digital camouflage & the RED versions are easily distinctive to their standard counterparts.

The HVM series armor have the same color as HVM weapons, and primarily provide physical defense, some heat defense but few-to-no chemical defense (Except RED & BLACK).

In the level Ice Station, HVM mercenaries, led by a captain, are found manning a station on the planet Boreas. After assisting the player defend the station against zombies, the mercenaries will destroy an ambulance parked at the site and turn against the player(s).

HVM is one of the only weapon manufacturers (another is Z-Arm Tech) that haven't had any PREM weapons so far.


Armor Pieces

First Armor Set: HVM Kevlar

Second Armor Set: HVM Carbon Fibre

Sentry Guns


  • HVM weapon designations seem to use powers of 2 for the model numbers (001, 002, 004, 008), with the exception of the HVM 005 G-Class and the HVM MPG.
  • HVM soldiers and the HVM captain are the first and only human enemies in-game encountered in the whole SAS. However, It's still unknown if either the entire HVM or a part of HVM is the hidden antagonist throughout the game.
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