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Grenades are Power-ups in SAS: Zombie Assault 2, SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Insane Asylum and SAS: Zombie Assault 3. They are called M45 Fragmentation Grenades and they come in packs of eight, twelve or twenty, and, when thrown, explode, killing groups of Zombies. They can be thrown by pressing 'G'. In SA​​​S 2 and Insane Asylum, they can be found randomly, where as in SAS 3 they can be bought (and still found randomly, however now in crates). They deal 500 damage.

In SAS: Zombie Assault 4 they are called the M45 / M48 UHE grenades, and can be found in grenade crates of 2-8, or bought from the support store for a bulk of 10 for $2,000, and $10,000 ([RED] Version). The normal grenade (M45) you use under level 30, they have a base damage of 650. At level 30 all of the M45 grenades in your inventory automatically upgrade to their red counterparts, the M48 UHE (Ultra High Explosive) grenades. They deal a base damage of 2,100. Both grenades spawn from your character thrown 2 meters in the direction you're facing and spawn as fast as you press the button for them. Both grenades also have 10 pierce (found by ZX840, thanks mate!).

Variations include the Cryo Grenade and the Holy Hand Grenade (SAS:2-3).

Official Descriptions (SAS:4)

"Enhanced high explosives pack this deadly fragmentation grenade that excels at room clearing"
―Official Description, M45 Grenade
"M48 Ultra High Explosive grenades propel shrapnel at extreme speed for exceptionally devastating results"
―Official Description, M48 UHE Grenade
"Mercuized polymer propellants maximize the spread of liquid oxygen, freezing enemies solid and doing damage over time"
―Official Description, Cryo Grenade & It's Red variant

For more info on the SAS:4 grenades, click here!


  • Use grenades against large groups of Swarm Zombie, chokers, and sprinters.
  • Grenades are weak against Mamushkas and Butchers, unless you use a lot of grenades on them.
  • Grenades are relatively useless against Devastators
  • In SAS 4, grenades in singleplayer have a longer delay (1.5 seconds) before exploding.



  • In SAS4, the value of purchasing a normal grenade is the same as the sell value when they become [RED]