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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Weapon
- GG17 -
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Manufacturer [?] HIKS
Total DoT/Pellet [?] -
Pierce 5
Rate of Fire 8.5 rps
Capacity 17
Reload Time 2.2 Sec
Movement -10%
Weapon Class Pistol
Damage Type Thermalico.pngThermal
Approx. Drop Level 84 (As listed in the Collections menu)
Ammo Used [?] -
"A classic design ideal for farmhouse defense."
―Official Description

The GG17 is a thermal pistol that can be obtained from the Faction Warfare mode in the armory .

It is the 2nd weapon by HIKS that deals Thermalico.pngThermal damage. It was released with the Faction War update in late October of 2021.


  • The weapon is a homage to the real life Glock 17, With the compensator/suppressor attachment. The description is also a reference to how you start with the G17 in SAS Zombie Assault 3. in its first level, the Farmhouse.
  • There is writing on its art that says its name.
  • The GG17 is also the first HIKS pistol ever added into the game.