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Ronson 65-a

Ronson 65a

Although the Ronson 65-a is a good gun, it's not as good as people say. It deals a fair amount of damage at a fair rate of fire, with a decent pierce, while not even in the same group for power as the Gigavolt or Sub-Light, stock for stock its around the level of a planet stormer, if you have one, don't sell any good guns over keeping it, if you have one use it and see if you enjoy its play style!(I also have to agree with Mr X on this one, especially that last bit)

GoldenApple_NB 15-09-2014

The AK-47 of the future (considering stats, they're quite similar). High dmg per round with decent rps, it is simply better than PlanetStormer. It will save your ammo AND kill faster. The low rps is problem if dealing with hordes, but it will kill fast. However, if you have much better aug PlanetStormer, then feel free to keep using it!

Bryan Kwok 18-09-2014

Overrated, similar to the Ronson 55, but much better. The damage is good and the pierce is better. the capacity and fire rate is more than acceptable. What lets it down is that its rarity and the physical damage. i've gotten 8*** from Nanos but they do nothing to perform better than my Striker

Mr X 20-09-2014

A very Overrated gun, low damage at low rate of fire, imagine a AK-47, that shoots 22. cal rounds, the ONLY upside is its pierce of 3 and 60 round cap, it is simply worse than the Planet Stormer, as it will kill slower. The low rps is problematic if dealing with anything in strength or quantity. If its all you have its not the worst gun, just try for yourself, and it has a lot of fan boys, so don't listen to someone who can't stop praising it, while only giving like 1 downside.

Erendian (talk) 03:21, October 18, 2014 (UTC) This review is for the RED version, so keep that in mind. First, let's take a look at the stats and compare them to what is probably the closest Assault Rifle to the 65-A, the RIA 20 Para. The 65-A has 320 base damage, 50 more than the Para's 270, which also means it's about in the lower-middle of the spectrum for Assault Rifles, beating out the Planetstormer as well. It also has an additional 2 RPS, 2% less move speed penalty, and holds 10 more rounds in a clip. It does have a slightly slower reload, though, about .4 seconds longer. All in all, the 65-A soundly beats out the Para and, debatably, the Planetstormer as well, even if you're using one that has slightly fewer augments. And the gameplay reflects that. It cuts through mobs efficiently and accurately with its 3 pierce, and has no problems with Chit Hide zeds up until Apex Stalkers and Evolved Bloaters. It also feels much more visceral than the Para or the Planetstormer, with a louder boom that feels satisfying to the ear. The holy trinity of Deadly, Overclocked, and Capacity is what I recommend, and the resulting gun will keep you comfortable in the level 30~50 range. It won't take long for you to find something better, however, as decently auged RED RIA 20 Strikers do start spawning at around the same time. End Result: Good damage, not too expensive, but sadly, easy to leave behind. 8/10.


A-Player 20-09-2014

Basically, an underpowered Sub-Light. it shoots 3 rounds four times a second with a 2 pierce, so it does around 600 at 4 rps to up to 2 targets. The Sub-Light does 800 to 5 targets at the same rate of fire, but overall not a bad gun, oh and since it is 3 round burst getting a 4 rps can be hard!

Pootis Man 27-09-2014

Pretty much what A-Player said; except that shots can overlap at high enough overclocked speeds (one 3 round burst is firing while another 3 round burst is firing, don't ask me how it works

Technological terror

The normal version outgrew me and when i got the red bersion, it was 3** and i was really happy at first, but then i found out the ammo cost and the cost of augmentation.

Micky Andrew-- I've been playing the SAS series for years way back when mochi owned it, and i know quite a bit about the game. 3lvl 30+ characters in SAS4 so far. Anyhow i have a Raptor RED 10***. First off, if you get a raptor GET OVERCLOCK. Without it it is almost useless. Mine has 10* Damage, 10* Biosynthesis and 7* overclock so far. It does 800 damage per shot, three shots per trigger pull, and 7 pulls per sec. Meaning that it can do 2400damage with every trigger pull and 16,800 damage every second!! However it costed me quite a bit of real cash to buy coins and upgrade it as it is horridly over priced. Same with the ammo, this thing will eat your money. It is great to keep in your back pocket though in case of emergencies. for instance, High Damge ammo with Lvl 5 Mastery doing 50+% damage mod, assault rifle mastery of +15% damage (against bosses), and helmet Mastery with 44+ damage, along with adreniline maxed out lvl 25 @ 54% increase shot speed ==== It litterally does more than 44,000 Damage PER SECOND. It destroys ANY boss in seconds!! way way over powered. IF you can afford it.

Evmeister1217 4/24/15

I have only used the red version of this on pc and mobile and it's not good, it's excellent. The burst is good, with high oc this thing is basically automatic. I have a red one 4**, with maxed deadly and race modded, this thing devastates anything, even chitnous hide zombies within seconds. Wrecks Regurgitator, wickers in seconds. Its also good with necrosis. Augments recommended are, deadly for obvious reasons, race modded for a fast relaod, maybe capacity for a longer burst, and adaptive for those chitnous hide zombies, even though it nails them quickly anyway. To sum it all up, this gun is overpowered in everyway, and this thing will not disappoint you.

Dragonmaster 24 29-4-15

i have a red one with 10*** and deadly, capacity and overclocked and this didnt dissapoint me! the ammo costs are good agains more then 150 ammo per clip. i am not against clicking so i can easily mow down hordes of zombies with it. the 2% penalty makes it even better! some say this will eat your money but i dont think that is with normal ammo. with high damage ammo this is a total BEAST. perfect for if you have enough points at supplies. it kills bosses in an instant. i reccomend this one.

CM Gigavolt

A-Player 20-09-2014

Could be classified as one of the best guns in the game because, its ability to hit many targets that are not in a straight line, and it can shoot through walls, although its small cap, low damage, and low rate of fire can be discouraging, if you can upgrade those stats, it can be a very good weapon for crowd control!

Pootis Man 25-09-2014

Good damage, despite it not seeming to have very good damage as it hits all zombies in a group at once unlike most guns which only 1-3 zombies line up all zombies are hit, thus dealing more damage a shot rather than a single zombie. Because of this, it excels in groups but not alone zombies though it does okay in that group, another gun with more fire rate/damage/clip (Particularly the sub light com2) would be better for a couple zombies. Also, shooting behind a shielder hits them from behind negating a shield. Like the Trailblazer, it may not be the best in damage (like the ronson 45 outclasses it for that) but it is invaluable for utility, same relation ship as ronson 45/trailblazer; both excel in different qualities. The [RED] version does 20 more damage than the [RED] trailblazer so it is slightly better.

GoldenApple_NB 5/4/2015

Probably one of most simply overpowered weapon in the game. Although it may seem suck due to low fire rate, average damage, and average pierce, but the thing is that it can pierce infinitely. It, apparently, also increase its damage if more zombie are hit from the "step". To calculate real DPS of this thing, you must multiply like this: (Damage) X (RPS) X (Pierce)2. Notice the Pierce squared? It doesn't mean piercing is priority, but it is the 3rd choice of augment. when fully augmented with deadly, OC, and piercing, Selection 004 version has DPS of (630*2)*(5*2)*(3*2) = 1260 * 10 * 6 = 75600 PER ZOMBIE. This is oviously great choice whenever you encounter a mob, regardless of size, from 3 zombies to over 200 zombies, it'll blast them off all at the same time.

Gregregreg 5-11-2014

It is very similar to the Shockfield in the respect that both use forms of energy as weapons. However, while it is one of the very best guns in the game, it does have a very low clip and very low damage. I would recommend Capacity and Deadly as augments, and if you can get a third one, I'd use Race Modded (which I recommend on every gun after Capacity).

Fredy-san 10-11-2014

One of the gun you are going to love or not. Its raw DPS damage is comparatively moderate or a bit lower than average assault rifles and the ammo is quite expensive. But this gun is truly shines on crowd controlling where its arcing electric allows for an unique aiming and wild aims. The electric can bounce off walls and extend behind targets. Note despite Gigavolt has probably a lot of negative stats comparing to Trailblazer, it has more ammo (less reload and field supplies can work) , slightly more damage on RED, and longer arcing range (except Trailblazer is enlarged = same range) . As to compare to other mega crowd control like the rockets or shotguns, this one is easy to use. Deadly augment for damage is a must, while if you have other two free slots, you can get reload speed, RPS, piercing which adds more max target for the arc, or capacity. Pick one which fits your play style. If you want true DPS over small groups, you can get RPS and reload speed. But if you wanted to deal larger group with more efficiency, get Piercing. You should only pick Capacity only if you are running with field supplies skill. On higher level, ammo should be affordable.

Ghostwolf18 11/26/14

The CM cigavolt holds a special place in my heart. I used it for a long time, before replacing it with the HVM 008. It was poorly augmented so I felt I needed change. When I used it, I fell in love with it's crow controlling ability. I used it on mission one for the first time, and was surrounded by shamblers and runners. I took easy care of them. Whilst I recomend this gun to early level players, it becomes obsolete when you get guns like the hard thorn. Use until you find something with more ammo and more damage. Unless you like taking out hordes in rapid succession.

Hander66 8/2/2015

I won't lie with this one, it sucks badly. Before all these nerfs and everything I still hated it and I still will. I am normally a fan of energy weapons, as I love the Starburst and Mixmaster, but I feel like this is just a waste of a gun. I used this for one mission and I sold it right afterwords, as it did to little for what my other weapons could do. The only way to get this to work is to put the "Perfect" augs on it and hope it still kills and no zombies has energy resilence. The starburst can rival the CM 505 in terms of level aviablity and damage on a single target. This doesn't really have the ability and the fact that this is WAY more rare then the Starburst and the CM 505, making it even harder to use. I personally only recomend you use this if needed, other then that I have one message: Get a CM 451 Starburst.


I have always wanted the CM Gigavolt, and it is the best thing ever. It hits many zombies even if they are not in a straight line, and does decent damage to enemies. Piercing lets it hit more targets while deadly deals more damage (obviously ;) ) so I strongly reccomend these 2 auguments. I think this is much better than most weapons.


I wanna have this type of gun, red gigavolt type. this is because i can control group of zombies in a shot. Wew! if you earned this gun, you will love it, probably!


Wikia Contributor

Probably one of the worst gun ever,the RIA 20 DSC is the worst of all RIA weapons(or worst of all RIA assault rifles).The RIA 20 PARA easily surpasses the DSC as it is fully-automatic and smaller speed modifier and the RIA 20 Striker is a thermal weapon and has the highest damage of all of the RIA assault rifles,with the only disadvantage of being a semi-automatic rifle.So if you find a RIA 20 DSC in a strongbox,DO NOT USE IT!(unless you have nothing of course)

Bryan Kwok

Disagreement to wikia contributor up there. While the DSC is not the best of all rifles, the high damage per shot actually makes it very powerful on a fast-clicker, and very economical for earlier levels. Basically it’s a Striker with physical damage, lower damage and lower firing speed, which doesn’t matter since you can’t click that fast anyway. Not a bad gun.

A-Player 21-09-2014

A very effective early gun, if you can click at a decent rate, you can output a high dps at the lower levels, although not as good as the striker, it can surpass the dps of the ria 20 para easily and is a great gun in the up to rank 15 area!


A powerful assault rifle, outclassing the Ronson 65-a if you can click fast enough, and is essentially a physical damage Striker. That being said, keep this until you get a Striker. The [RED] version deals high damage and rivals the Striker. I would recommend Deadly, as always, Capacity, turning it into a semi-auto LMG, and Race Modded, to decrease the reload time.

Wikia Contributor (not the first contributer)

This assault rifle, while semi-auto (at least on desktop, I got it on mobile), is a very good gun for the earlier levels. At level 6 (for me), this weapon would destroy a Bloater within three seconds. Decent clip size (50), and good damage. Sadly, it deals physical damage, which Shielders resist slightly, and Chit. Hide enemies are relatively common. (Note that I only used this gun on the mobile version)

Erendian 26-09-2014

Been using one of these, RED 3***, for the last couple of days on my 38 Assault. All in all, I thought it would be worse from what I'd heard. I have a rather high click speed(Without Overclocked, I can easily max it out with adrenaline going. I can go even higher, but my aim suffers.), so my DPS doesn't suffer from it being semiautomatic. And as a SAS3 veteran who still uses the FN Fal, despite being at level 35, it's really dang nostalgic. It's the closest I've seen a gun come to emulating the Fal, so it wins big points from me there. There's not much to hate about the RED version, actually. With a couple points in Deadly and a Smart Target helmet, it one shots the two lowest forms of Shamblers and provides about as much DPS as my Red Raptor. All in all, if you don't mind working a bit harder for your kills, this gun will treat you reasonably well. Granted, I wouldn't use it in the mid to late levels as then even single player should start to lag when you get swarmed, causing your clicks per second to suffer, effectively crippling you. And that's not even speaking of multiplayer.

Pootis Man (talk) 16:17, October 10, 2014 (UTC)

Due to high damage per shot yet lacking in other spots, this gun is only good until around level 35 as you get the striker which is far better in damage, max fire rate, AND has additional damage over time. If you see this and can decently and have even a decent smg, chances are this is better. NOT ALWAYS so use your commen sense.

Fuwafuwa-desu (talk) 16:41, October 14, 2014 (UTC)

The far future's equivalent to the M1 Garand, in my opinion. It is a great early-game assault rifle with high damage, great pierce, nice mag size, and is easy to get, just like the M1. The [RED] version is closer to the FAL in terms of sheer damage and pierce, as Erendian said. This weapon also gives a nice taste of nostalgia, due to it playing almost exactly the same as two of the most OP early-game weapons of SAS3. I recommend getting Piercing, Deadly, and Capacity. 

M O A B 11-21-14

I got this gun on a level 2 Assualt character and I have been using it to level 8. I can one-shot most zombies until level 6 even though it came with no aguments. So its actually an ok weapon for starters.

RIA 20 Para

RIA 20 Para

RIA 20 Para


This is an assault rifle with the profile of a large SMG. Combining 900 DPS, more than enough early-game, with a clip size of 50, fast reload of 2.3 secs., and a low movement penalty of -10% makes this gun a powerful early-game weapon and my favorite early-game too. I would assume the [RED] version is good late-game, but I've never tried it. Recommended augments would be Deadly, as always, Overclocked, to compensate for its relatively low ROF, and either Capacity or Race Modded.

Erendian 03-10-2014

I have a RED version, 9***, Overclocked, Deadly, Capacity all fully upgraded. If I had to describe it, it would be as a smaller CM 505. It lacks the sheer ungodly waveclear of the 505, but has a decent movement speed reduction to make up for it, as well as beautiful damage. Unfortunately, it's not quite as cheap as I would like it to be. I spent about 1.3 million dollars getting it to where it is, a price tag I normally associate with the 505 itself. Overall, the Para feels sleek, smooth, but strangely forgettable. It strikes a balance between RPS, damage, movement speed, and clip size, bringing none of the best, in comparison to other assault rifles, but also none of the worst, except possibly a slightly slow fire speed. If augmented like I did mine, it will blow through waves of zombies as if they were butter and you were the sweet, sweet, red hot knife of justice. As I said, it is best compared to the CM 505, which is a tall order indeed. It provides some nifty utility in that it can kill some bosses fairly quickly, the big one being Wickers. It also has a surprising 3 pierce, making it great for crowds. However, purely physical damage means if you come up against something particularly large with Chitinous Hide, such as an aforementioned Wicker, you better hope you have something to take them down, otherwise you're going to be running around for a while(Although a Wicker Elite with Chit Hide is probably going to kill you no matter what you have, aside from the Stripper). 7/10, would spend the money again, although I'd still look at my wallet a little sadly.

RIA 20 Striker

Screenshot 2

My favorite gun and with good reason why I've never did a mission without this thing once I got it. This assault rifle is exceptional at damage, able to one-hit-kill weaker zombies and the fire damage adds on to the pain this can deal. It has a nice ROF of 10 rounds/sec., but is semi-auto. Nice reload speed of 2.3 secs helps to keep the bullets going, and while the ammunition costs double that of normal assault rifle ammunition, the damage makes up for it. What's even better is that it's thermal, which overcomes Chitinous Hide zombies, one of the most common resistances. The [RED] version's damage goes from exceptional to insane, able to one-hit-kill stronger zombies. While the ammunition does seem expensive, ($1600 for 200) it's actually not that bad if you invest 2 points into Pay Grade. A moderately low movement penalty means that you get good mobility, making this gun highly effective against all bosses except the Wicker and the Red Necrosis Spawn. Recommended augments are Deadly, as always, Tenacious, to add on to the damage, and Capacity since it has a low clip size of 30 and that certainly needs improvement. I've done missions with Gigavolts, Hard Thorns, Ronson WP Flamethrowers, and more. I've always felt more comfortable wielding a [RED] Striker. Overall, this is a powerful gun and easily surpasses the Sub-Light COM2 as the best assault rifle.

Pootis Man 17-09-2014

Arguably best rifle ever, no downsides except for ok clip size. Chances are you'll get one red as these are fairly rare and you will get this mid-late game. 650 damage, 300+ damage over 2 seconds, 30 clip, click as much as you want with an RPS of 10 and a pierce of 2. With augments, deadly, tenacious, and capacity makes for a weapon that lasts 'till the end of time. Ammo cost isn't a problem even if it's a little high; by the time you get it you should have a steady income each mission.

Bryan Kwok 19-09-2014

Almost the perfect gun. Awesome damage, with damage over time, neglects chitinous hide zombies, good firing rate, good pierce, acceptable clip, acceptable movement modifier. With the RED version, it can be your mainstay weapon past lvl 60 or so. Another excellent aspect is the rarity of it. it is fairly common compared to the gigavolt and stripper, and you can easily get a 10*** from promethiums past level 50. I was considering Deadly Tenacious capacity, but when i got a Adaptive deadly capacity from a promethium, i realized adaptive is actually very good for this gun. 2 shots kill a fiery skin regenerating apex shambler with no problem. Awesome.

GoldenApple NB 6-26-2015

One of the most overpowered yet overrated gun. It does stunning damage along with similar amount of DoT, along with fact that it drops very early, it probably has highest DPS-to-Drop Level ratio. However, despite the overpowered damage output, its effectiveness will geatly decrease if user is not used to semi-auto. Although is has high damage output, low level gear is low level gear; it wouldn't last all the way to late game, and there are ton of ways to save effort, letting player focus on surviving rather than shooting. Overall, great gun, keep it. But first, comare with other stuff. If Flamethrower works better for you than RED one, then use what's better for you.

Razgriz Ghost, 21:55, November 25, 2014 (UTC)

I try to like this gun, I really do. The regular version was the one boss killer I'd always take into battle with me, for the sole purpose that it was a boss killer like no other. But I was appalled with the RED version... it was horrible for me, after I tested it on Deadly Adaptive Capacity. I don't know... it could be the low clip size, the expensive ammo, the fact that it's semi auto, whether it's overrated, or the fact that it always faces Wickers and Fiery Skin. I don't know what it is, but I don't really like this gun.

Ghostwolf18 11/25/14 The RIA 20 Striker was one of the best guns I had ever used. I always wondered why the gun caught stuff on fire before I realized it did thermal damage. I had the gun augmented to have 65 capacity and over 400 damage. As far as RIA goes, this is probably the best gun they made. The RIA 50 is overrated. Using the Striker is a way to take steps in the right direction.

The1000gamers December 27, 2014

This gun is amazing. High damage, + the extra 250 overtime damage ,2 pierce, 10 RPS and 30 cap? What could you ask for more? Also, it comes very early into the game (10-15) , and it is devisttaing when you are about lvl 20-30. I made the mistake of selling mined, but I got another one on my medic. This weapon is my favorite out of the RIA series, and I think this weapon is truly amazing. caleb4848 (NK)<febuary 17 2015.

i am actually very fond of the striker because i have one with 8 mods of adaptive and 8 mods of tenacious so the adaptive takes most of the fire resistence of wickers and firery skins so i am also fond of its high damage it does more than half of my lmgs with my lvl 27 heavy class!!!


This gun is extremly goood at all levels. The damage makes it that it damages the zombies nicely, and the DOT can finish the zombies off. The only downside to it is the type of fire. If it was full-auto instead of semi-auto, people can use it on a assault class, use adrenaline and the game would be so much easier.


this gun is my one of my treasure guns at my inventory. i have a red striker with 10 upgrades and can augment into 3 slot. 1330 damage per shot, when i strike weak zombies, body will shatter into pieces. lol 🙌👍


This gun is AWESOME. And it can fit different roles. As I see it, it can be used in following ways - crowd control and boss killing. Crowd control is nice, because even wiith fiery skin, zombies would be damaged nicely from DOT and high base damage and crits will kill them regardless of fiery skin. So, for crowd control get piercing, overclocked, capacity. 4 pierce + 8rps + dot + 100 shots  = profit. If you invested heaviy in race modded skill, you can get something else into 3rd slot - adaptive or damage preferably as both will increase combat effeciency. Boss killing needs tenacious, overclocked, capacity. Why no damage in both? - because for crowd control its base damage with 4 pierce at max is more than satisfactory (and with adaptive - you won't need to swap, ever) and for boss-killing - your main damage will come from DOT, not from your basic weapon damage. Something else is to use this gun specifically against bloaters with damage and DOT augs, but I don't recommend this combination, because damage+DOT won't get you: 1) Capacity 2) rate of fire 3) crowd control 4) boss killing and basically would make this gun useless. This weapon has one big problem - ammo price. That is another reason for cap and lvl 3-5 field supply. Getting a lvl 10 3 slots is very rare, don;t waste it and think carefully, what you will use it for. I recommend this weapon to assault class and somewhat recommend it to heavy class - it si hardly recommendable to proper medical class, as there are better weapons for them


Skyrunner M35 once said that this gun was the "Jack of all trades but Master of nothing". He is right. High intial damage and relatively high DOT make this gun damaging. It also has a nice ROF of 8. But it is let down by Semi-auto function (for some players), and OK capacity. This makes it one of the best weapons for early game players (standard version). The RED Striker does well when you get it and will keep you confortable for quite some time. My 2nd favorite assault rifle (Behind Raptor). This is the 3rd the finest weapon RIA has ever made (besides Trident, which I don't have, and the T40, a powerful LMG). 

Recommended augments: Deadly, Capacity, Adaptive, Tenacious

Update: After some more observations and testing, I honestly think the Striker is the most overrated gun in this game.

Rating: 8/10

CM 401 Planet Stormer


Doomsdayglock  15-09-2014

This gun is a pretty useful gun on early stage since it has a decent damage, high fire rate and a pretty nice clip size, making this gun pretty nice for dealing early stage zombies. This gun, however, is a kind of a money hog that 'eats' your money quite quickly(The ammo is cheap though, making some advantage). It's not ideal for bosses but good for crowds of weak zombies. Deadly is needed for this gun for augment and race modded+overclocked/capacity+overclocked are both nice augment set-up's for this gun(I prefer race modded actually).With correct augments, this gun will release it's true storming power and could be a great gun for a pretty long time.


60 Round Magazine and a swift firing rate ensure that the CM 405 Planet Stormer is able to handle Rows of weak zombies without frequent reloads. Though it doesn't inflcit a lot of damage against bosses which can be problematic if the player is not in possession of anything that has an extra punch to it. Recommended Augmentations for this rifle would be Skeletonized, Deadly and Pierce as Skeletonized will lower the movement penalty and Pierce to deal with any shamblers or stalkers that are rushing in long Straight lines.

Bryan Kwok 16-09-2014

Plain terrible. The damage is low. The clip isn't large enough. Fire rate drains the ammo too quick. Big Fat money sucker. Even on earlier stages, the G-Class is more preferable. Definitely the worst gun of all CM weapons

GoldenApple_NB 18-09-2014

An average assault rifle. If eco is not really the problem, feel free to pour all the ammo to zombies with 2700 maximum DPS. However, when encountering RED version, it is not advised to use due to its money-eating 10rps and 10X price of RED ammo.

A-Player 20-09-2014

I don't understand the hate of this weapon, other then it does use up money kind-of fast the non red stock is good up to rank 15, and with like 2 star level 4 or better can get you up high, the gun can do insane damage, if you don't mind making it faster, and combined with its decent damage of 135 stock(non-red) and a 2 pierce, AND 60 cap, its a very effective gun. Probably the best pre rank 10 gun you will get, although the red one does have expensive ammo, I would not advise the red one, but the normal one I would as it is very effective at low ranks!


Half-decent. I got a 2* one on my Assault save and it was pretty good, with the only downside I saw was it needed to be reloaded WAY too frequently. Overall, it's pretty good at levels <15, so yeah. Don't use the [RED] version as it's too expensive to operate. I would recommend Deadly, as always, Capacity, to help cut down on the frequent reloads, and Race Modded, to reduce the time of said frequent reloads.


The best low to mid level assault rifle. Stats is pretty balanced, got pierce, moderate DPS, not so heavy movement penalty. Best is, this gun is common to get on low levels. If augmented, this gun could be your primary in every moment, from killing mobs to boss up to level 20+ ~ 30. As for the RED version, you will start obtaining this gun on RED early than other RED assault rifles. But, due to RED ammo is considered expensive for at such levels. You might want to pass this gun unless you don't have any better option. Augment deadly and reload speed will make this gun a wonder. If you have more free slot, you can get capacity or RPS.

CM 440 Titan

CM 440 Titan
QuantumGenius 17-5-2015

I like this weapon quite a bit. The normal version is useful for crowd control at low levels (I'd say about levels 10 - 17), and the red version can be quite good later on, with much better damage and better fire rate. Its high pierce and fire rate, as well as medium damage, make it especially suited to mowing down hordes of zombies. However, it has an only medium-sized clip, which it goes through pretty fast, and a somewhat long reload time. It also has a high movement penalty, sacrificing manueverability for power, and therefore is not a great boss-killer, especially if they have physical resistance. The 4 (admittedly somewhat unusual) augs top on my list for this weapon (assuming you are using it as an all-around crowd control weapon) would be Capacity and Race Modded (to shoot for long enough to take down most of a large crowd), Skeletonized (so you can actually run while carrying this weapon), and finally Biosynthesis, which is not common but can be very useful against crowds by regaining lots of health due to the large number of weak zombies. Overall, it's quite good at lower levels (it's actually the first [RED] assault rifle) but if you want more power and you're willing to click enough, I would recommend the RIA Striker over this weapon.

A Wikia Contributor 14-2-2015

(this review is for non-red version): This weapon is moderately powerful early rank assault rifle. Its 3 pierce(higher than almost anything you will find at these level) give them good crowd control capability and it also have a good damage output. Compared to cm 401, this weapon have slightly higher damage, higher pierce but slower movement speed (-15 to -24) and unnoticable reload speed difference. it have 40 shot per clip mean you can fire it only for almost 6 sec. Overall this is a very good weapon you will find in early level and it look like low-clip LMG for its crowd controlling ability. however ronson 65-a you will find later has far lower movement penalty, have a longer-lasting clip and still beat this weapon. This weapon is still my favorite weapon after aug with deadly,cap it can kill all non-chit lined up horde in seconds and also kill regurg and all its worm quickly

TL;DR. very good crowd control & anti regurgitator & cost effective. but have high movement penalty & it's physical & deplete its clip rather quickly.

A Wikia Contributor (Not the same as above)  21/2/2015

A relatively powerful and common low to mid level assault rifle with 3 pierce, it can easily hold off standard hordes with ease. Though without proper augs, it's effectiveness pretty much ends there.

It has a above average movement penalty of -24%, which limits it's potential as a run n' gun weapon to more of a low capacity LMG, with that being said, the augs on this weapon should be somewhat emphasized to turn this weapon into a LMG (well, for me anyway).  I have a 5*** Titan that I auged with Deadly, Overclocked and Capacity on my lvl 27 assault, and it's lasted me quite a while now.  In addition with AR Mastery's cap increase, it can literally become a lightweight LMG.

Compared to other AR's in which you find along with the Titan ( 65-A, Planetstormer, Para, etc), I highly enjoy the soud nd of it's shots. It's loud and low, with a flesh tearing feel in it, which I particularly enjoy.

The [RED] version seems to drop rather often (Again, might be just me), and the performance isn't bad but it's not worth the cash to maintain it. The aug costs, like any [RED] weapon, are quite expensive, and chances are you'll find something that out performs it along the road of grinding for cash to upgrade it.

Overall it's not a bad gun, with the right augs it can see you through for some time, but the [RED] version to me, is a different story.

Wikia Contributor(not the same one as the above lol) 5/15/2015

So i got the red version of the CM 440 Titan 2 days ago in the daily 2x Titanium boxes.I figured out that i should try it,so i bought some ammo and play a solo game.I was completely blown away with this can 1 shot a evolved shambler with this weapon(this may be invalid because I got premade deadly augment)and the sound of the weapon firing is amazing.There is some downsides however with this weapon,the first being its clip size with only 40 bullets in its magazine.However,this isn't a problem for me since I race modded my armor and I reload quite fast with this weapon and the problem can be overcome with capacity augmentation.

The second downside is that it cost $800 just to get 200 ammo and it is very hard just to get ten thousand ammo.

The third is its fire rate,with just 8rps.This problem can be overcome with overclocked.However,you better augment it with capacity too to balanced it out.

Overall this gun is amazing and it should last you for a while when you have the ammo for it because you know,its expensive.

CM 451 Starburst

CM 451 Starburst
A-Player 20-09-2014

A fairly good gun, could be the best in alpha virus, and here's why. If you buy premium ammo(just one click) at the right time, you can (with a stock) get 400 rounds, WITHOUT reloading. And that always seems to be the downfall for players in Alpha Virus, when you reload, you DIE, so 400 decent damaging rounds can be effective!

Bryan Kwok

Similar to the mixmaster, this gun is only good in defensive conditions. Other than that, it's usage is greatly limited by the movement speed penalty and reload speed. Damage output is barely sufficient too. The only reason people like this more than the mixmaster is that this is a Critical Mass weapon and the mixmaster is...well, the Mixmaster. Yeah, that's how most people are.

Pootis Man 28-09-2014

So bad it's not even funny. I don't know what the devs were thinking but 175 damage does not cut the cheese for 8 RPS, despite the large clip being good the tiny damage and quick reload makes it useless. 25% movment penalty is the only real reason most people count it as defence, along with a large clip. The reload is TWO SECONDS, so a large clip barely matters. If there was 50 less clip and 50 more damage that would be a good trade off IMO. One of the only weapons I think the stats could be changed.

Edit: Now, the normal version is great, as I've found out with my new assault character, better than the CM 505 to me, but the [RED] version only adds 100 damage, which when you get it isn't quite worth it. Still, way way way better than before ^^ 


Pathetic. Only 175 damage and 8 rounds a second. The Ronson 65-a has a higher DPS. While the 200-round clip is pretty good, the 25% movement penalty is not considering how weak this thing is. I would recommend Deadly, as always, Overclocked, since the DPS is very low and you need to increase it in any way possible, and Capacity, to make it more like an LMG. However, it's highly recommended you get a CM 505 or Mixmaster unless you have good augments on this thing.

After Expansion Pack update (Still me, SkyrunnerM35)

Pretty good now, considering that the damage was buffed from 175 to 250. Now I can actually consider USING it.

Hander66 23-12-2013

One of my favorite weapons from CM and my favorite energy weapon (curse the gigavolt). The 200 round clip combined with its fast reload is perfect along with the high damage it has. 8 RpS is not the best but it works to conserve just enough ammo to chew though most zombies like a breeze, though it could use a boost at times it works for the way I use it. Now Augs I would prefer for one of these Capacity to mow though armies of zombies (including zombdroids, though you may have to lose some ground there), Piercing so you can use it for better crowd control (I hate gigavolts) and Overclocked for sending as many bullets down range as possible. This is one of those guns I found deadly isn't really needed, as the high damage along with the ammo capacity and the reload speed made it unneeded to me. Note: I never got to use the "old" version of this gun, so I have no clue what people would've had on this before the Christmas (Expansion) updates.


This weapon is lite version of mixmaster. It appears mostly in 15-30 range and you would probably lack a good crowd control at that time, so get it damage, pericing, overclocked 

HVM 005 G-Class

HVM 005
Erendian]] 15-09-2014

While the regular version can be discarded relatively quickly, the Red version certainly has a place as a decent all around rifle if augmented with Deadly and Overclocked. Now, I don't mean rush out and find one right now because "OMG IT'S AMAZING". Cause it's not. But say you don't really have anything else going for you. Raptors are missing from your arsenal, you have no decent LMGs, and even though you have a super amazing gun like the oh so gooey Starburst, life is kicking your butt and it's only a 2*. This is when you turn to the Red G-Class that has been sitting in your inventory for no reason other than you don't like it. Even a few points into Deadly gives it a fairly high amount of damage, while Overclocked gives it an RPS to match some of the more notable assault rifles. And the best part is, it's cheap. You can get Deadly and Overclocked 5 for less than 100k, letting you save up for that great gun you'll eventually get. Plus, on an Assault Class, Adrenaline gives it wave clear to match a decently augmented Red Raptor. So, my opinion is, it's a great fall back gun when you just have nothing else to use. Unfortunately, the ammo is pretty expensive, and the clip size is small enough that Field Supplies doesn't give a whole lot to begin with. Because of this, Capacity is pretty high up there for consideration. For the most part, though, mine has had the wave clear to make up for the low amounts of ammo I get from Field Supplies.


While the 005 G-Class may seem disappointing at first, (in my primary save I preferred my Para over it) it's actually pretty good early-mid game. I put Overclocked 2 on my Assault save's G-Class and did the same with my Medic save and it's very effective. I highly recommend you keep this until you get a RIA T7 or something.

Pootis Man 01-10-2014

Not much to say other than the stats are nice, the [RED] version is quite decent with 275 damage and still a movement penalty less than 15%. 8 RPS and a pierce of 2 helps a lot, along with a clip over 40 keeps you spraying damage bullets. Good for medium through early-late games, if it's augmented at least 2 stars and level 6 (around that) with at least either one or more of the following: Deadly, overclocked, capacity, race modded and pierce.

SavageNecrosis 4/23/2015

The normal version isnt a very good weapon but the RED version is great with overclocked 10 and deadly 10 it can be used until level 45 or until you get better guns



GoldenApple_NB 15-09-2014

Some people simply look at the damage and sell this weapon, but remember that it has 2 fletchetts!!! It's dmg per shot is 180 not 90, and its 2-fletchette 12rps makes it have more fletchette-per-second than even Ronson 55. With proper augs such as deadly and race modded, it can simply easily mow down mobs, and hold the boss in place long enough if used with concussion. Also, best used against zombdroids due to the fact that they don't have energy resistance and will actually receive some stopping power.

Pootis Man 27-09-2014

What golden apple said; except for one thing: SPAM ALL DAY EVERY DAY

Also, getting capacity augments a few times will make this thing have a ridiculous clip, getting overclocked with it makes sure you actually spend it. Let's look at shock capabilitys against the 1887 shockfield. At first, the shockfield is much better with it's large pierce, huge burst damage, and flechette system. However, due to the tiny clip it is only better for short term shocking (2 seconds) and the mixmaster is better for long term stun-locking (3+ seconds)

Edit: a new update doubled the damage of the weapon, making the effectivity massively increased. Go ahead, try it out yourself if you hated it before.


As said above, some people (including one of my NK friends) look at this and say, "This weapon sucks! The damage is too low! I'm selling it!" But then they realize that it fires 2 fletchettes and they regret selling it. Overall, it's a 451 Starburst combined with a CM 505. The Starburst is half-decent and the 505 is absolutely epic. So this weapon is also epic. I would recommend the same augments as the 505. (Deadly, Overclocked, Capacity) Also, as said in the Starburst, the Starburst is more popular even though its worse because the Starburst is a CM weapon so they think it's better and the Mixmaster is... The Mixmaster.

Bryan Kwok 07-10-2014

Widely considered the worst, this gun is actually pretty good with the right auguments. I guess I need not mention that this gun has 2 flechettes, but…this gun has 2 flechettes. The damage is actually 180 instead of 90, combining with the 12rps makes one of the best and steadiest damage output of all guns.

With auguments, this gun truly yields its best ability. I would recommend Deadly, Overclocked, and Capacity, Adaptive or Skeletonized. While 24x2=48rps drains the clip in around 5 sec, with a bit of aim, it should mow down most of everything.

Fredy-san 10-11-2014

To note, this gun is an Assault rifle with one of the biggest start capacity, 2 bullets out per shot means aiming is second easiest to Hard Thorn from the same category and on mid range you can deal double of its listed damage. The damage itself is decent since it is supported with moderately higher RPS. This weapon is also energy type, so not much zombies will have resistance over it. The negative setback would be its over the average movement penalty for an AR gun (-27% for real) and its higher ammo cost due to its special bullet type. Augment recommendation is damage for sure, then since its starting capacity is big already, you dont need to augment capacity to get field supplies working, but if you wanted to hold the trigger for long time, you might like it. Do not try to skeletonized this gun though despite its heavy weight, you might be better getting one from the other two recommended, race modded or RPS. Piercing is optional, but should the first bullet kills the target, the second one will pass unhindered actually.

Technological Terror

This gun is..... AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Even though im not heavy class, i still can stun those runners! Personally i think you should use it for regular killing, not boss killing because it isn't very built for that, took me forever to kill a wicker with this.

Runner 24/12/14

After the gun update, it got buffed and this is now a very good mid-late gun. It shoots 2 pellets per shot, so a fully auged RED with Deadly and OC gives it about 27k dps. This is easily a replacement for a regular Hornet if you don't like having to reload the RED Sublight Com often or you haven't found one. If you put Pierce in the third aug then it becomes a decent mob killer too. The best thing about the Mixmaster is it has the biggest capacity of all AR, which means it fires for a lot longer than the Hornet or Sublight COM, in addition to the smaller reload time. Plus, it's energy which is always a bonus.

Ghostwolf18 2/20/15 This is my favorite weapon in the game. Firing two flechettes, and having a huge capacity counts for a lot in the game. Deals a heckuva lot of damage and will shred through crowds like a knife through hot butter. It's high firing rate means you will deplete your clip quickly, so capacity is a must have on it. I suggest putting capacity, deadly and overclocked. That is a build for maximum damage per second. The main and in my opinion only drawback is its movement modifier. It is quite hefty for an assault rifle, but I can still rush vaccine with it so it isn't all bad. Wickers and every other energy resistant zombie aren't a problem either. This gun fires so quickly it will practically neglect the resistance of any zombie that comes at you. Words cannot simply express how much I love this weapon. Once I pick up one of these, I simply cannot put it down. Edit: the best build for this is Deadly, Overclocked, Adaptive, and pinpoint.

funnyguy12311  Honestly just got it, and find it extremely useful in Meltdown.

Lady Blue - March 25, 2015

Found one of these from a Nanotanium on my level 23 assault character. It's made a big difference for how easy the game is at that level, especially against zombie mechs. I was having trouble killing them quickly on my level 23 before finding a 5*** Mixmaster. Ironically it came from a zombie mech Nanotanium as well. Note that I've only been able to afford adding 2 deadly and 3 overclocked so far. It came pre-auged with 3 piercing out of 5 but I'm worry about deadly and overclocked first.


This gun does wonders. Mostly it drops in 40-60 range. Point zero is - if you got a mixmaster which: 1) has 2 slots 2) is below lvl 7-8 3) came with crits, skeletonized, racemodded - SELL IT. Dont waste your money. Mm is very expensive. Ok now First - it is the ONLY gun I know of which HAS to get biosynthesis. Why? Because this gun has sufficient DPS out of the box with 0 augs. As 90% medics are pure trash and will hardly heal you, this gun will sustain you for a very long time. Get bio. Totally. Next - get overclocked. If you are a heavy class, getting overclocked is a must - as first skill would boost your damage incredibly with overclocked. Assaults should get damage for second slot, as adrenaline would boost their firing speed and having over+adrenaline would get you high rps, but lower dps compared to dam+adren. 3rd slot is free choice. You can get dam/over and be happy in most situations. Hovewer, piercing and adaptive are viable options too. Heavys should never get piercing though, they have a natural pierce gain from first skill. If you got damage - dont get adaptive, it doesnt make much sence. So, technically I recommend bio-damage-over for good boss killing and good crowd control OR bio-damage/adaptive-piercing for total crowd domination and survivability. Please note, that piercing build is for apocalypse/nightmare. This is serious crowd control, dont go for it if you are a heavy, you have your piercing from skill and dont go for it if you are sure that you wont be able to utilize 4 pierce to its maximum. Heavies should get bio-damage-over only. If you maxed crits skill, dont hesitate to build crits-over-damage. Its a blast, but you will have to pass on bio. Overall, the gun is very versatile and think VERY carefully if you get it 10 *** - which role you would use it for. Bosses and dps, crowd control and utility or mixed. 

Sub-Light COM2

Sub-Light COM2


September 7, 2015

In my opinion, this is the best assault rifle in the game. True, its ROF is only 5 RPS, but its 800 damage more than makes up for that. Its pierce is 5, making its pierce DPS higher than Hornet, which has the same DPS. Despite the fact that it has physical damage, I regularly use it against Chitinous hide zombies, Loaderbots, and Zombie Mechs, because its pure power makes it better than a lesser weapon that is not affected by the resistance, such as the Starburst or the Striker. However, this gun does have some issues. Its movement penalty is 20%, certainly noticable, and much worse than Hornet's, and its capacity and reload aren't great (but then again, neither are Hornet's, it has the same clip size [30], and only a somewhat better reload time [2.40 s as opposed to 3.00]). I have not yet had the pleasure of aquiring the Mixmaster, so I may change my mind in the future, but, as of right now, this is my preferred weapon.

Some reccommended augments would be 1. Overclocked: I know this makes the clip disappear even faster, but it's still worth it, as a gain of just 1.25 RPS equals an increase of 1000 DPS. 2. Capacity/Race Modded: Allows you to shoot more and reload less. You can do either, but I would probably go with Capacity and get good Nimble gloves.  3. Deadly: As always, adding damage will make the gun more powerful, but this doesn't actually help with minor zombies, as most are already 1-shotted by this gun, so the only reason to do this is for Bloaters, bosses, Chitinous hide, or Nightmarish. 


The best AR in the game: without any augments whatsoever, you're looking at 4000DPS (with a 5.0 pierce) which allows you to start mowing down hordes right out of the (strong)box. If you're looking for a gun to actually be... a gun, this is it. That being said, this ISN'T the gun for you if you NEED to move super fast (the movement penalty is 20% which is noticeable) or you absolutely for no reason can stand reloading... the standard clip lasts only 6 seconds. The ammo is dirt-cheap: you're looking at $2/second to fire this (5 rps x $.40/round)

Augments: 1. Damage (as always), 2. Capacity (Level 10 capacity makes the clip a very respectable 75), 3. Optional: Skeletonized, Biosynthesis, Race Modded, and Overclocked are good considerations.

Final note: I've run missions with only this gun and another gun: the Hard Thorn, the Gigavolt, Planet Stormer, Starburst, Raptor... When it comes down to it, I've always felt more comfortable with the COM2 in my hand than anything else.

Wikia person

Dealing a massive 800 damage the sub-light com2 is a very powerful weapon however it has a low RPS of 5 So you wont be needing deadly but you will need Overclocked. The ammo is cheap too so dont worry about that its only 80 for 200 and 320 for HD ammo. The movement speed is also slow which is a negative -20% but an upside is that is has a giant piece of 5 so this will make it ideal for killing big crowds. But it can also kill most bosses (Regurg, Wicker, And the zombie mech.)


As said above, the Sub-Light deals MASSIVE damage, and having a high pierce, its arguably the best weapon in the game, while it is not as good as other guns for certain things,(such as purge nests can be taken easier with Gigavolt or Rocket launcher.) Its high pierce of 5 allows it to preform like every kind of gun well, Crowd control, Boss killer, Purge killer, and very few situations should you ever not have one equipped. Also its ammo is cheap!

Pootis Man 28-09-2014

Not the "poor mans" hornet, it's the "realistic mans" hornet. Crunch the damage numbers, and you'll see the only real differnce is pierce and movement speed. (com2 has more pierce but less movement speed). The clip is identical, and the generally recognized largest difference of ammo cost. The com2 ammo is less than a quarter the cost of the hornets.


Pretty good weapon, being the best physical assault rifle in the game, although I prefer my Striker. It deals a whopping 800 damage, 50 more than the RIA 50, while maintaining a decent ROF with cheap ammunition. But its low clip size, long reload time, and above-average movement penalty lets it down a bit. Still, the pros outweigh the cons. I would recommend Deadly, as always, Overclocked, to turn it into a killing machine when combined with Deadly, and Capacity, to compensate for its small clip size.

Fredy-San 2-11-2014

The snipers of Aslt-Rifles for crowd killer (the verse of Hornet which the AR of snipers and better as boss killer) . Basically it is the highest damage with also one of the slowest RPS compared to all other AR. The problems, it is quite hard to obtain this gun -at least with *** free-aug with grade 5. Also this gun has a noticeable inaccuracy when used for long range to snipe those runner and worms and with its low RPS and above-average move penalty, probably you are going to take a hit or two. Augments with deadly and overclocked, you can assign the other aug slot to Critical hits if you building Critical skills and head augments for a suprise 300% damage (25 to crits, 25 to reload speed to compesate cap), it will take down a row of zombie-roid in one shot, few more for savage servants, and a really noticeable chunk of HP from lv 60+ Devastator. You can also get Adaptive if needed to go over resistance (unless you are a medic) . If you are using field supplies skill, capacity is a choice for you. notes this gun is an assault rifle so any kill made will yield assault rifle mastery exp. You are going to kill steal all the crowds for the exp with this.

SAS4 Lord 28-09-2015

This gun is indeed the best AR. Like the hornets in rof and damage, just a little hevaier and slower relaod, other than it is good. A 10*** for even a lvl70 would be awesome.

Zombie Decapitator

Basically a Heavier Hornet that has very cheap ammo. A 20% movement penalty is fairly high, but given its high pierce and stunning damage, I give it 6 stars out of 5. (yes, 6, because its really, really great!)


Beats every other AR. I seriously think this should be the king of Assault Rifles. NOTHING can match this beast!

Z-1 Assault

Z1 assault

Possibly the best weapon in the game with an astonishing damage of 90. this was born to kill necroses this thing like 10000000000000 shots a savage devastator this gun is so ridiculously OP they decided not to make a RED or Selection 004 Variant because the black would 100000000 shot a savage devastator and this gun sells for $0 because your not supposed to sell it you keep it and be a beast for life. (THIS IS TOTAL SARCASM THIS IS THE WORST WEAPON I SOLD IT EVEN BEFORE MY FIRST MATCH.)


There is a reason this is the first gun the assault gets. Considering Z-Arm doesn't make RED, and this is a starting weapon, it sucks. Just, even a HVM G-Class or RIA DSC are better choices. As soon as you get your 2nd gun from a strongbox (the first was put in the 2nd primary), replace this gun, and toss it out a window, for you get no money for selling it.

GoldenApple_NB 18-09-2014

Replace ASAP with ANY weapon from strongbox. Simply bad weapon.

Bryan Kwok 20-09-2014

Excellent weapon! Best of all assault rifles! Gives you absolutely terrible damage, clip size and fire rate!! You don't even get money for selling it!

Pootis Man 20-09-2014

Starting weapon = Worst weapon

Replace with ANY weapon, if you can click fast enough pistol is better IMO. Be glad you have a weapon from your first strongbox no matter what now, when I started I got 2 pieces of armor in a row. All the same, fire rate mediocre along with damage and pierce of 1.... clip size is decent so spray and pray. 


This weapon sucks. Period. The HVM 001 is better if you can click faster than 7 times a second. Like all starter weapons, replace ASAP. Also, Bryan Kwok up there, LOL. =D

Scrace 24/11/14

This gun is good for rank 1s, but get any higher and replace it ASAP.

AtrociousPreformanc 17-01-2015

Best gun ever, even better then Sub-Light, Its so good that you get An AMAZING $0 for selling it! 10/10 would recommend. (sarcasm, even the HVM 001 is better if you can click over 6 times a second)


Oh my god! This is SO good. Some level 100's even use it. With an absolutely HORRIFYING dps, and TAPE on the handle, what better gun could you get?


These are all sarcastic unless the ones that say they suck, if u didnt know..... U cant get them anywhere so id say keep em cuz ull never get em again evemn if they suck. Yeas like Pootls Man said, replace wiht ANY weopon. But all weopons u start with suck. This helps you think with other Woepons found in strongboxes. It can be usable till lvl8 O:. But if u get any gun that is same class, unequipt. (ud oprobaly allready have cuz u got 2 guns that shoot and hurt) But another thing to thing about is the rof, my lvl 43 has a hugn that does 140 damage Ronson 55. SO damage is not everything especialy with high capicity with FS.

Zombie Decapitator

This is a really good weapon that will last until level 2. After that, its basically crap. I decided to let it sit in my inventory for the entire time, just because I want to keep it as an memorial for having helped me pass my first mission. But never in my entire time fighting the zombies would I ever bring this gun out. Never. Ever.



GoldenApple_NB 02-01-2015

This can easily compared to RIA 20 Striker, simply fully-automatic LMG-weighting Striker. Its damage output is very low compared to Striker. However, then it comes to augs, this is better. by having DoT only half dmg of initial dmg, people can forget about tenacious and aug for deadly, cap, overclocked. Yes, given full-auto, you can OC it and get up to X2 DPS. Summary is: use this rather than Striker if you don't want semi-auto.


What can I say? It's a load of crap. At a first glance, it may seem like a middle-ground between a Striker and a T40. But it's worse than both. Its DPS is pathetic, and the Striker is almost a direct upgrade to this. There's a misconception going around that a fully-auged Heartburn is better than a fully-auged Striker because it can be Overclocked, but that's simply not true, as the Striker still has the higher DPS. (The Heartburn has 13560 DPS with Deadly, Tenacious, and Overclocked 10, while the Striker has 16000 DPS with Deadly and Tenacious 10 and clicking at 8 RPS. 7 RPS will grant 14000 DPS, which is still higher) The only reason why I see anyone would take this over a Striker is if they click slowly. But otherwise, don't even bother with this unless you can't get a Striker or you have a 12**** [BLACK] Heartburn vs. a no augments normal Striker. Honestly, I don't even know why NK even implemented this thing in the first place.

Golden Apple is right, only, this guns sucks alot more.... Heavy and week is not goood, good for lvl 2-10 and red for 25-30... 

Zombie Decapitator

I don't like this gun at all. 115 damage over time? You'd gotta be kidding me, right? A high movement penalty? Are you f***ing kidding me? That's even more than the Sublight Com2! Look at this s***. Do you want to know what you get for using this gun? I'll tell you: You get a very hard time in killing the zombies. Not to mention that you'll need to bring a lot of anti-acids, because this thing can really give you a Heartburn.

SAS4Lord 6-17-2015


Pretty decent weapon. Although the hate on this weapon is not needed. :P


Decent damage. Good for taking down string enemies and burning down rows of weaklings. Ammo is 160 for 400, but is worth it. It does have quite a speed penalty though. When running, try to equip something else, rather than face the huge penalty in movement. Try to upgrade deadly and overclocked. Don't know what all the hate is about. People usually hate a gun when they don't know how to use it properly, then they just rage.

Ronson 70

Ronson 70

GoldenApple NB (talk) 01:02, March 30, 2015 (UTC)

A Competetor for Starburst. This thing gives up capacity for better firepower and pierce. It can be described as energy version of CM 440 Titan. It is still weak to be compared with Mixmaster, but if you haven't found Starburst, it'll be your favorite at grinding down everything.

Hander66 23:07, April 3, 2015 (UTC)

A very nice energy weapon and one of the few weapons from Ronson I like, its got the damage and pierce that is very useful, its a tad heavy and reload is slow, but with its low rate of fire and capcity it can last awhile. Its not a great bossing weapon and ammo is expensive, but for crowds this gun is one of the best standard and [RED]. Now I normall go with Deadly, OC and Adaptive, or go with Deadly, Overclocked and Capacity, now I don't think this gun is normally worthy of having a fourth slot, but if strongboxes are being evil to you, by all means go ahead and try it out. It works well for mid game but it doesn't really have the value of a late game weapon.

QuantumGenius May 17, 2015

I obtained this weapon a long time ago, shortly after growing out of my normal CM 440 Titan, and I used and liked it quite a bit (until I got the [RED] Titan). Its energy damage is good against shielders and chitinous hides, while its firepower is quite good for its level. It's pierce makes it good for crowd control, but it doesn't quite have enough dps to make a good boss-killer. Also, its movement penalty is a bit high and its capacity is low, but it still is a very worthwhile weapon to have.

Sniperquad97 June 3, 2015

This is by far, my favorite AR, I use it all the time of apoc and LMS for any hordes or Chitious hides. Another great use is in Ammo Rcovery. It's fairly large clip, pierce, and damage, combined with skeletonized is great for running past the giant mass of zombies that accumulate, and mowing them down. Though I rarely ever use this for bosses, it's my go-to for any horde problems.

Hard Thorn

Hard Thorn

A Wikia Contributor 9337 (talk) 05:02, June 17, 2015 (UTC)

So I first got a 6** clean on my heavy in the early 20s, and decided to replace my 3* striker with deadly. I put on deadly and OC, and the result was amazing. I tore through hordes of zombies, bosses, and pretty much everything with little effort. Even chit. hide zombies were no problem. Despite the pierce of 1, this thing still decimates crowds. Now I'm aiming to get a black one on my medic.

Bing445 (talk) 19:23, June 24, 2015 (UTC)

This review is for the Hard Thorn, but I'll talk about the Shotlite Tempest too, since they're similar.

This assault rifle is unique, as it acts like a shotgun, yet classified as an assault rifle. It fires 5 flechettes. It's an underrated gun due to its low pierce, or it's not used properly. 1 pierce, high RpS/RoF, good damage, and how it acts, makes people use the Hard Thorn and Tempest as a crowd controller. People will whine about the low pierce of the Hard Thorn/Tempest, then augment piercing on it. Don't. Why? The Hard Thorn and Tempest are excellent at crowd controlling, but the main purpose of the 2 guns are bossing. That's why the Hard Thorn/Tempest have such high damage and RpS/RoF, but low pierce.

But which of the 2 do I use? The Tempest or the Hard Thorn? Good question, but it depends. Are you looking for a bossing gun or crowd controller? Hard Thorn is better as bossing, since with mastery, you deal 15% more damage, and have higher critical chance. Tempest is more of crowd controller, with high clip to tear through zombies. Also, Tempest's spread is larger than the Hard Thorn, making it more ideal for crowds. Overall, this is an excellent, but underrated gun. Recommended augments are Deadly, to increase damage; Overclocked, to pump out more rounds and Adaptive for Nightmare Mode, or pesky Chitinous Hide zombies. Maybe Pinpoint if using a Critical build.

RIA Trident


JJ Awesome (10/3/2015)

OP when you get it.

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