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Hello everyone. Quite often, you may get a gun from a strongbox and think, “Is this a good gun compared to my [BLACK] Version 12**** gun?" or "What auguments should I put in this gun?” 

What you’ll have to do is go to the page for the gun and leave a comment, then wait for who-knows-how-long for a reply from someone who might not be trustworthy.

So what we are doing here is that we are creating a page for everyone to put down their comments on guns in SAS 4 (May be expanded to other SAS games later).

Name (if no wiki account, create one in seconds or put your IP address) DD-MM-YYYY

Log in and note that you are pressing the small Edit buttons next to the name of each gun, NOT the large Edit button for the entire page. Also, remember to add a date and a hyperlink from your name to your profile.

This is a page for gun reviews, not arguments (not to be confused with Augments).

Do not post reviews based on what you have heard. if you have never used the gun before, don't post.


For instance:

HVM 001

Bryan Kwok 25-12-2030

This is a great gun! The damage is strong, The pierce is awesome, and best of all the clip is large! Fire rate could do some improvement though. <--Good example, but maybe more description on how to use it

Whysoserious9028 31-12-2030

F*** you! This gun sucks! So do you if you like it! The damage is bad, just like you! The pierce stinks like you! The clip is horrid! Need I say more umad ;))) <--Bad example

Someguy 80-14-2066

HVM 001 Is best gun, better then Gigavolt <-- Gives no stats,why, how, and bases it off opinion with absolutely nothing to back it up


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