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Loading Screen for the Forsaken Aslyum.

Forsaken Asylum is the 8th map in SAS: Zombie Assault 3, available in the North American region that's unlocked after completing Dead End, it takes place at a mental hospital that has been used to perform experiments on inmates. This is the first map of Zombie Assault 3 that has to be downloaded to be played, with all maps after following suit.


Map Layout of Asylum

The map is similar to Farmhouse along with the space size of the map Airbase. The map is separated into many different rooms each of these rooms offer some cover while other rooms have no cover at all. A notable feature within the map is that there are two sets of double doors which are kept opened for zombies to storm in, the first set of double doors is located at the top left corner while the second set is at the bottom right corner. Surviving the map requires holding off the infected at the corridors and to prevent themselves from being cornered in one of the smaller rooms which can be a death sentence if the player is fighting a butcher or dealing with a group of burrowers.

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