SAS Zombie Assault Wiki

"The 'Fortress Breaker' is Teknoboom's obvious answer to an assault rifle. It doesn't just fire explosive rounds, but rounds carrying trademarked barrage gel that detonates each time it strikes a target."
―Official description.

The Festungsbrecher, is an Assault Rifle that fires explosive rounds that'll explode upon impact. It's one of the guns you can get from the Faction War armory. It costs about 40K Faction credits and 2.5K Epsilon tokens to purchase.

The main damage of this weapon comes from the impact and the explosion from the bullet both causes extreme amounts of damage to anything that dares to stand in it's way. Just like the Krakatoa, it utilizes pierce blast making it perfect to blow through crowds of zombies.

Despite all of that, it has it's downside. The clip size for this assault rifle is small, making consistent firing short and not to mention of the high movement penalty. Overall, it's amazing for mobbing but not fit as a bossing gun.


Festungsbretcher means Fortress Breacher in German

It is Teknoboom's only Assault Rifle and one of the only Assault Rifles in both games that has Explosive rounds alongside the CM Gigavolt.