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Faction Warfare is a new gamemode introduced in 10/21/2021 in SAS : Zombie Assault 4.

Editor’s note: This page may be subject to change.

Faction Warfare

Faction Warfare was introduced in version 1.10. The goal is to compete and conquer various planets amongst various factions. Each planet has different milestones to achieve. Conquering a planet gives players in faction benefits such as planet specific Favours and Faction Credits.

Official In-game description

The Morlok Mining Co is hiring competing groups of SAS agents to secure their interests on lucrative mining worlds. Mercenary Factions within the system are offering temporary contracts to join and fight alongside your teammates to complete milestone objectives on each world. The first faction to reach each milestone will gain control of the planet and earn planetary favors for as long as they hold it. Other factions can take control of the planet by being the first to reach the next milestone. Your performance on missions will also earn you Credits. Credits and planetary favours can be traded in the Morlok Armory for exclusive gear, packs of equipment, or cash.

New Mechanics/Features

Faction Warfare Store

The Faction Warfare Store is one of the mechanics introduced alongside the initial Faction Warfare mode. It uses Faction Creds and Planet Creds as its main currency. Said store offers: Strongboxes (From Neodymium up to Nantonium/Black and its keys.), Weapons (Usually 10**/10*** [RED] Version.), Armor Pieces from the Dynamo, Overwatch, Mastodon, Vulkan or Mako sets and Instant Revive Tokens from varying Faction/Planet cred prices.


Rewards are split into two. Faction creds and Planetary Favours. These rewards can be used to purchase items from the armory.

Faction Creds

Participating in missions will reward players with faction credits based on their performance. Here are how much it rewards the player on their performances in their respective mission:

  1. Every egg destroyed awards players with 15 faction credits
  2. Every boss kill awards players with 30 faction credits
  3. Every 10 zombies killed awards players with 1 faction credits
  4. Every emergency generator activated awards players with 10 faction credits
  5. Every terminal activated awards players with 10 faction credits

Out of all of these, egg extermination is the most effective way to get faction credits because all you need is a speed armor build and a gun that can destroy an egg in seconds

Planetary Favours

Capturing a planet will reward the faction with planet tokens. The higher the faction's contribution to a planet, the harder other competing factions can capture the planet. You'll earn a planetary token every 6 minutes from a captured planet of your faction.


With faction credits and planet tokens obtained, one can spend them on various items in the Armory, the Faction Warfare store. Level 5 and higher strongboxes, 10*** [RED] Versionweapons, cash, [BLACK] Version strong boxes and [BLACK] Version keys, a consumable pack, new Faction Warfare weapons exclusive to the Armory, and as of now, an Elite Augment Core are all things seen in the Armory so far that can be purchased.

Weapons and Armors

Weapons and Armors available to be purchased in the armory.


GG17 (Pistol}

Festungsbrecher (Assault Rifle)

Thundershock (Shotgun)

Depth Charge (Rocket Launcher)

Havoc (Rocket Launcher)

Avalanche (Flamethrower)

Phoenix (Flamethrower)

Kraken (LMG)

Exterminator (Disc thrower)

Krakatoa (Laser)


Mako Series (Sigma Exclusive)

Mako Helmet

Mako Vest

Mako Gloves

Mako Pants

Mako Boots

Overwatch Series (Omicron Exclusive)

Overwatch Helmet

Overwatch Chest

Overwatch Gloves

Overwatch Pants

Overwatch Boots

Dynamo Series (Xi Exclusive)

Dynamo Helmet

Dynamo Chest

Dynamo Gloves

Dynamo Legs

Dynamo Boots

Mastodon Series (Epsilon Exclusive)

Mastodon Helm

Mastodon Chest

Mastodon Gauntlets

Mastodon Legs

Mastodon Boots

Vulkan Series (Zeta Exclusive)

Vulkan Helmet

Vulkan Vest

Vulkan Gloves

Vulkan Pants

Vulkan Boots


Players are split into 4 different factions which may be the following:










There are 5 planets as maps for Faction Warfare mode. All maps, while sharing layouts & elements, have some of the routes being different from one another (either being blocked or given spawn spots for Zombies). Zombies from each planet have different buffs [see below], thus giving players more challenge to deal with. In each Faction Warfare event, each Planet is given a different objective (sometimes, 2 planets will have the same objective).


A volcanic planet that holds precious minerals and metals. Prior to the invasion it served as a mining platform to Morlok. Due to its precious minerals and resources, Morlok is willing to sacrifice whatever they have to regain this planet. Zombies here have 25% extra damage due to adapting to such harsh environments.


This looks to be a lush vegetative planet (based on looks) that Morlok has set their headquarters in. This planet is where the base of operations and the main company of Morlok resides (at least within this system). To secure operation within the company remains smoothly this planet is required to be defended. Zombies here have extra 15% health and 10% extra speed.


Sigma is an oceanic planet. Zombies here are reported to be more healthy than normal. Zombies here have extra 15% health and 25% extra attack power.


Xi is a frozen planet. Zombies here have adapted to the freezing cold, resulting in slower speeds but heavier defenses. Zombies here have 30% extra health.


Omicron is a gas giant planet. Omicron's gas is harvested and used by Morlok for various industry applications prior to the outbreak there. Zombies on Omicron have extra 20% speed after adapting to the gassy and less dense planets.

Patch Notes

The following patch notes are relating to updates related to Faction Warfare, starting from 1.10.

Editor's note: These patch notes are almost exactly the same as the ones in game.

Version 1.11 Patch Notes

  • Additions
    • Power Up Faction Warfare Mission
      • This facility is suffering major power issues. Morlok’s willing to pay to keep the emergency generators online while technicians offworld try to get the power back on. Be warned, the zombies seem to be destroying any they find. If they destroy too many, we lose the facility.
    • Reactor Leak Warfare Mission
      • This facility was conducting tests on the infection. Morlok wants that data but the reactor is in meltdown.
      • Upload the data from as many terminals as you can. They should heal you a little when you activate them.
    • Added a toggle to the settings screen and pause menu so players can disable screen shake.
  • Bug Fixes & Balance Changes
    • Fixed bug where direct damage to bosses was being reduced by 50%.
    • Weapons that deal direct damage will now deal 100% damage to bosses
      • Weapons that deal damage over time (e.g. Stripper, Krakatoa, etc) continue to do the same damage as 1.10.2
      • To be clear this isn't a nerf to damage over time but a buff to the other weapons.
    • Reduced Boss HP For Low Level Teams
    • Fixed Elite Augment Cores not giving enough damage, pierce and damage over time.
    • Fixed Biosynthesis healing per bullet instead of per zombie death
    • Fixed damage over time not applying to stunned zombies
    • Fixed bosses not having temporary immunity to stun after recovering from it
    • Fixed Adrenaline Skill granting a higher fire speed increase than intended.
    • Fixed crash on Power Out level
    • Changed Power Out to allow other types of bosses on Nightmare mode rather than being limited to Savage Mech.
    • Reduced Krakatoa base damage from 900 to 700
    • Fixed bug where high damage ammo bonuses were being applied twice to Krakatoa
    • Fixed bug where Krakatoa would spawn a lava pool per zombie hit rather than per shot.
    • Updated the timing for contracts so there should always be at least 1 contract available to play.
    • We have made improvements to the way we handle loot drops to reduce the chance of loot becoming stuck in areas players couldn’t access. Loot that spawns in areas only accessible by zombies will now be pushed out towards the player.
    • Fixed a bug where players would gain 1 clip size despite not having any bonuses to clip size.
    • Fixed bug where Zerfallen and Handekannone could not benefit from faction war clip size bonuses
    • Faction War Egg Hunt will now spawn zombies after 15s (down from 30s)
    • Faction War Elimination will now display your kill total during the game.
    • Fixed missing visuals in the Vaccine arena map for events that would make it look like you could walk through/over the walls.
    • Fixed some incorrect text in the gun mod expert description.
    • Various performance improvements.

A massive thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback and bug reports.

Version 1.10.2 Patch Notes

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the following skills / bonuses applying base damage. The will now correctly stack with deadly augments
      • Deadly Force skill points
      • Damage bonuses from armor
      • Smart target augment
      • Weapon & Armor mastery damage bonuses
      • Collection Damage bonuses
    • LMG Mastery Level 5 now grants a 35% adaptive bonus. This replaces the old/broken reload speed bonus.
    • Fixed an issue with the way critical damage was calculated. Critical hits should now always gain the correct amount of damage from the following sources.
      • Premium ammo.
      • Critical Shot skill points
      • Sniper mastery
      • Weapon & Armor mastery damage bonuses
      • Collection critical damage bonuses
    • For clarity active skills like hold the line and killing spree will add extra damage to a shot but with this extra damage doesn't scale up further with crit.
    • Added more zombie damage scaling to events.
      • For apocalypse. LMS and Virus Samples starting at wave 30 all zombies (excluding dark minions) will ignore damage reduction from armor by 5%.
      • For Faction War this will start at wave 10 with 5%
      • This will increase by 5% every 5 waves up to 25%
    • Necrosis bosses are once again available to spawn in Faction War Boss Hunt games.
    • Power out zombie spawn time is now faster.
    • Fixed and issue that caused AoE weapons to be unable to crit (rockets etc.)
    • VIP Nightmare can now spawn a full boss at the end instead of another mid boss.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the VIP level to freeze up for groups of high level players.
    • Weapons with very small clip sizes will now gain a minimum of 1 extra clip size from the new faction war armor bonus.
    • Players no longer sometimes gain and extra skill point when leveling up at the same time they gain a mastery level.
    • Fixed a bug so the armor collections no longer require Faction War items to complete.
    • You can no longer trigger skills you haven't unlocked by using hot keys (This didn't activate the skill, it just wasted energy.)
    • Various other small bug fixes and performance improvements.

A massive thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback and bug reports.

We would also like to give and extra thank you to the community members who have gone the extra mile gathering feedback, bugs, and even providing video examples. We appreciate all the hard work.

Version 1.10.1 Patch Notes

  • Faction War
    • Players can join a quick or private match with players of the same faction. (You don't have to be in a matching war)
    • General performance and stability improvement.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Bug Fix: Fixed players returning to the faction war planet selection screen after playing normal games.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed players ending up in an empty faction if they try and join a full faction using an invite code.
    • Bug Fix: Worms now have the correct texture again.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed the Devastator using its ground slam while moving.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed player names and icons not always appearing in the faction leaderboard. (no more pink boxes)
    • Bug Fix: Fixed some zombie pathing issues in Faction War
    • Bug Fix: Level 4 Sniper Mastery now correctly applies a 25% damage bonus to critical hits.

Version 1.10 Patch Notes

  • All out FACTION WAR!
    • Mercenary factions are offering temporary licenses to team up and fight alongside others for the Morlok Mining corp.
    • Complete milestone objectives on each of the five new mining and three new game modes.
    • Morlok offer access to their Armory. Including new and exclusive weapons and armor. For anyone brave enough to join up.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Bug Fix: Health Bonus from armor now applies correctly. For example, Titan MEM Trooper was 0.1% health increase now 10%
    • Bug Fix: Players no longer move faster than intended when running dragonfly using a keyboard.



  • Omicron seems to be based on Jupiter, albeit purple in color.
    • This is due to Omicron having Jupiter’s “big red spot” albeit not red and having a striped appearance.
  • Faction Warfare is the first major update since 2017. Marking a 4-year gap in between updates.
  • If the Store is offering 3 Black Keys, its art will still show 5 keys instead of 3.
  • The Store used to display "Inventory" on the item selection scroll around November, 2021.
  • All planets in the first system are named after letters in the Greek alphabet.
    • Ε / ε is Epsilon
    • Ζ / ζ is Zeta
    • Ξ / ξ is Xi
    • Ο / ο is Omicron
    • Σ / σ / ς is Sigma
      • Sigma is the only greek alphabet letter that has 2 lowercase variants
  • Each planet's stations are cosmetically different. (The current planet's landscape showing in some areas, certain rooms having different background props in them and etc.) The middle reactors are also different colors that correspond to some planets.
  • The art for Xi and Omicron implies that Xi is a moon of Omicron.
  • Each faction has their own identification number on each faction codes (ex. EJTFTS2 the "2" in the code indicates it's a Guardians faction)
    • 0 - Centurions
    • 1 - Corsairs
    • 2 - Guardians
    • 3 - Nomads
    • 4 - Outlaws
    • 5 - Rangers
    • 6 - Spartans
    • 7 - Vanguard