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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Weapon
Desert Eagle .50
Desert Eagle.png
Available at: Rank 15
Cost: $3,000
Ammo Cost: Free
Damage: 180 (Base)

225 (w/ Extra Damage)

Piercing Ability: 1
2 (with AP rounds)
Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
Weapon Class: Pistol
Caliber: .50 Action Express
Capacity: 14 (Base)

28 (w/ High Capacity)

Desert Eagle Stats.png
"The ultimate .50 cal pistol. The .50 Action Express round delivers 325 grains of lead coming to your favorite zombie, er, express."
―Warrant Officer Description

The Desert Eagle .50 is a real-life, large caliber Israeli/American semi-automatic pistol featured in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. However, the real-life .50 caliber mag only holds 7 rounds per mag.


The Desert Eagle boasts decent damage, doing about 28.5% more damage than a Ruger P97. It also has a nicely sized magazine capacity for a high powered pistol, and is also the only non-premium pistol with a piercing ability (not counting revolvers). Because of these traits, the Desert Eagle .50 seems to be a nice choice for players.

However, it is very important to note that the Desert Eagle .50 is significantly weaker than the Raging Bull .44, though the in-game stats say otherwise. In reality, the Desert Eagle only does 89% of the Raging Bull's damage, and only has a piercing ability of 1 compared to the Raging Bull's 2. The only advantage the Desert Eagle has is its larger capacity. However, when considering piercing ability, a Desert Eagle can hit a maximum of 28 (14 capacity × 2 hit) zombies in a single magazine whilst a Raging Bull can hit a maximum of 24 (8 capacity × 3 hit) zombies in a single loaded cylinder. However, the Desert Eagle takes 2 shots to kill a maximum of 2 swarm zombies. Because of these factors, the Raging Bull is often considered to be the superior choice in many cases and for some it may be viable to skip buying the Desert Eagle all-together.
The Point Five Oh Achievement can be earned by buying this.


  • With the Fast Reload(Pistols)(SAS 3) upgrade at Level 15, the player should choose a pistol with a high damage and somewhat high magazine capacity. The Fast Reload upgrade will give the player an edge during rounds.

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