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SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Manufacturer
- Critical Mass -
Manufactures Weapons and Turrets
Design Pattern smooth white, bulky and boxy and with glowing blue orb
"Critical Mass is something of a novelty company. The guns function very well but a little gimmicky for real soldiers to use. Critical Mass is most famous for its "Sublight COM2" rifle round that uses technology similar to air burst munitions to trigger an ultra high speed event in the final meter before target impact through "Centre of Mass Displacement" technology."
―Official description

Critical Mass, or CM, is a weapon manufacturer introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Many of its weapons are superior compared to HVM and Rubicon Industries, making it a mid-to-early-late-game industry.

Critical Mass produces manyEnergyico.pngEnergy weapons such as the CM Gigavolt, the CM 351 Sunflare, and the CM 451 Starburst. Critical Mass also makes physical weapons, most of which have a high rate of fire, such as the CM 401 Planet Stormer and the CM 505. According to CM's description, the company is best known for creating the powerful assault rifle, the Sub-Light COM2. It has also produced two of the three fully automatic pistols in SAS 4: the CM 205 and CM 225.




Assault Rifles


Sniper Rifles

Rocket Launchers





  • CM has a naming pattern for its numbered guns; each type starts with:
    • Pistols: 2xx
    • Sub-Machine Guns: 3xx (The CM 467 breaks this pattern. Assumed typo along with CM Quasar)
    • Assault Rifles: 4xx (The CM 000 Kelvin, and CM 352 Quasar break this pattern. The Sub-light COM2 is an exception.)
    • Light Machine Guns: 5xx
    • Sniper Rifles: 8xx
  • In physics, the critical mass is the minimum amount of fissile or radioactive material that's needed to maintain a fission chain reaction.
  • With 20 released weapons, it is the weapon manufacturer with the most weapons in the game. It also has 8 premium weapons, the most out of any weapons manufacturer.